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Dear Sirs, Just recently I've purchased an A-B-B-A set of Proto 2000 ACL E8's to run on our club layout (Mckeesport Model Railroad Club). The units look great, but just one problem. I have nothing to run behind them & want to be as prototypical as possible. Some guys told me to buy Athearn Streamline cars & decal them w/ the purple lettering and others told me to buy the Branchline set. I know the ACL had some passenger cars, but all the pictures that I see are of mixxed trains, ie Penn baggage/RPO cars, ACL coaches, RF&P cars. Whats right? It does not matter to me if it is The Champion, South Wind, or whatever. I just need some help making up an ACL passenger train? Thank you :)

PS. I'm really happy to see this Website, its fantastic! :)

-- Rob Mihalchik (, March 07, 1998


To follow up on Bob's answer I found the book at Caboose Hobbies in Denver (303) 777-6766. About $33 or $39 to ship it to this side of the world.

-- Jim Capers (, March 30, 1998.

Hi Rob, If you want an excellent info source on ACL passenger trains, get a hold of BY STREAMLINER, NEW YORK TO FLORIDA by Joseph M. Welsh. This is a very informative and readable book that includes loads of photos (many color), and actual "snapshot" consists of name trains on particular dates. It explains the whys and wherefores of "foreign" or off-line cars, pool car, and car line assignments throughout the careers of not only the famous trains, but the "also-rans" as well. Passenger trains/cars is a favorite subject of mine, and this book has been a real eye-opener for me. It should have the answers to all your questions. Take care. R.V.

-- Bob Venditti (, March 19, 1998.

I have a number of prototype ACL photos if you'd like to use them in your modeling. Let me know.

-- Larry Goolsby (, March 09, 1998.

You can run a mixture of cars.If you build your own models I suggest you go to our order form and order paint,decals and car sides.A lot depends on what degree you model.If your happy with RTR go with Branchline.Examples of what you can run:Southwind,mostly PRR with some ACL all LW.Champion,ACL,RF&P,PRR,NH,FEC and CO.all LW.Heavyweight trains any car that you see on the PRR and east coast.

-- Joseph Oates (, March 07, 1998.

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