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I am looking for any CG railroad line maps (any year acceptable)depicting the entire CG route or portion.

-- David Wills (, March 07, 1998


There are quite a few maps available at the Library of Congress. The collecion cuts off at 1900 and there is only 1 map of Ga in 1883. But the site features software that allows you to zoom in to great detail. It very nice but a little ackward. Florida and Sc both have various other maps listed that include features of GA. Have fun. And oh yeah thanks for the great site. The Nancy Hanks(II) was my first train trip!

-- Greg (not@this.time), December 09, 1998.

An online 1920's CofG map is posted by the University of Georgia at:

however, the resolution is not all that great. A photographic copy of the map may be available form UGA - see their website for info.

Mike Meier

-- Mike Meier (, May 19, 1998.

There are several way to obtain a map of the CofG. The most obvious -and easiest - is to purchase a public timetable. These usually have a fairly decent route map of the Central. Also, the Georgia Public Service Commission put out a railroad map of the state which would show all CofG lines in GA - as well as all other railroads. These were usually multi-color and quite nice. The last was issued in 1969. These can be purchased for anywhere from $5-10 or so at shows or from lists.

The Central did issue traffic maps, but I have not seen one from the CofG dated after 1905 or so, and it had a price tag of megabucks. (I have a 1903 in my collection, but I bought it at a bargain price years and years ago.)

That's the best information I have. Good luck.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, March 08, 1998.

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