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I am doing a cause/effect research paper for one of my classed and I decided to do what caused the Titanic to sink. I was wondering if anyone (especially Kip or Peter) could give me some help woth this. I need quite a few different things. Maybe if someone had some net pages I could refer to that would be great! Thank you so much ! :)

-- Laura Pliner (, March 06, 1998


Response to Causes

Hi Laura: Wow! You really picked a wide-ranging and controversial subject for your paper (good for you!)! I would be pleased to help in any way I can. Shoot the questions at me and I'll see what I can do and if I don't get it right, I believe Kip will come to the rescue.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, March 06, 1998.

Response to Causes

Hi Laura:

There are all kinds of resources on the web. You're quite fortunate in that there has been a veritable explosion of Titanic-related books in the wake of the film's runaway success.

I'll be happy to help.


-- Kip Henry (, March 06, 1998.

Hi Laura, I am writing a research paper on the Titanic sinking myself. I am researching the ways the accident could have been preventable if you have any info for me I would appreciate the help. Here are two sites I've found that may help you.

I hope this is some help to you if I find anything else I'll let you know. Also you may try to get the book "TOTAL TITANIC" by Marc Shapiro or "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER"

Good Luck!!:) Lauri

-- Lauri Ann Bennett (, November 11, 1998.

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-- andrewpowell (, October 29, 2003.

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