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I was just wondering about where I could purchase the remixes of "My Heart Will Go On?" A while back one of the local radio stations was giving it away but since then I wasn't able to find it.

-- Kerry Scheuers (, March 05, 1998


Response to Sound Track

I believe that many of the remixes of "My Heart Will Go On" were done by individual radio stations, with permission from the appropriate people such as Horner, Cameron, and their agents. One or more of these versions might show up on the next 'Titanic' CD, rumored to be out in the summer.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, March 06, 1998.


-- Tomasz Hahs (, April 19, 1998.

yes, there is one. It is an import called my heart will go on (dance mixes). I got mine at tower records. I saw one at circuit city to. e-mail me for further notice on where to get one. Thanks, Alex Poe

-- ALEX POE (, May 17, 1998.

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