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Your page says 6 lessons are free, are there more lessons or money we need to pay. (My husband & I can't afford anything at this time so I need to know if I am committing to anything before I register).

If this course is totally free I would like to say that this is fantastic and I (and many others like me, I am sure) would gladly give a contribution as soon as we can afford it.

-- Sandy Cummins (pjcsjc@ozemail.com.au), March 04, 1998


Fiction 98 and Fiction 401 both include 6 lessons and both are free. No tricks. I do this because I like doing it. If you can afford to send a contribution, that's great -- every little bit helps, but don't worry about it if you can't. There are textbooks for the classes, but you should be able to get them from the library, perhaps through an inter-library loan in some areas.

-- Bob Hembree (bob@4-writers.com), March 05, 1998.

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