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Can someone please fill me in on Kate Winslet's interview with David Letterman? Unfortunately, I saw the interview on a tv screen in a packed noisy bar but didn't hear a single word of it! Would someone fill me in on what I missed?--Thanks!

-- Kate (katejd@yahoo.com), March 03, 1998


Kate, I saw that entire broadcast and it was great! Letterman was really "on" the entire night, especially when Kate was out! They talked about the enormous success of the movie and she seemed pretty excited about being nominated for an academy award. The funniest moment was when Letterman asked about Leo. I think his exact question was, "what's up with this Leo guy, what's he all about?" Then they proceeded to banter back and forth about hers and Leo rumoured romance (she denied it, of course). Anyway, it was a great interview!

-- Michael (foo@bar.com), March 04, 1998.

Check out this spot for a transcript: http://www.8i.com/titanic/kate26.html

There are a number of talk show transcripts at this location, under "Contact Kate" and "Contact Leo":



-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (m.nielsen@ieee.org), March 04, 1998.

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