Heart in Rose's palm print on foggy car window. {Anyone notice?}

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There was a heart shape in the upper part of Rose's palm where it presses against the fogged up back window of the car in the love scene. The first time I saw the movie it seemed a little too obvious. However, people don't seem to see it until I point it out to them. I read about the necklace in the stars in the sky behind Rose when she is floating on the board after the sinking (which I did not see), but I haven't read anywhere about the heart in her palm. Two questions: 1. Is the heart shape a computer graphic? 2. Are there any other special effects like this to watch for?

-- Annette Longuevan (sccys@pacbell.net), March 02, 1998


Response to Heart in Rose's palm print on foggy car window.

I never noticed the heart in the window. I'll look for it next time I go see Titanic. As for the Heart of the Ocean in the stars, it is there. It is at the part where she is singing "Come Josephine". If you look to the left and look closely you can disticly see the shape of a heart. It may be sort of hard to see the first time you look for it but if you go see it again it is clearly there.

-- Jennifer (foo@bar.com), March 02, 1998.

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