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If anyone could help me with the following problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am running the shopping cart on a UNIX server and have set the permissions as directed. When I run the program, I get a server error. I have had it working in the past, so I reinstall a previous version of smart and can't seem to get it working again. The strange thing is that the smartadmin script works fine.

I am doing all of my editing etc. on a Win NT 4.0 machine and saving my files as UNIX files.

Also, my header files have a graphic image. It won't display the image even though the properties show it to be pointing to the correct place. I have also set the permissions on the graphic.

If anyone would like to check it out online it is:

please don't make any changes to the database...thanks.

-- Rick Stoelinga (, March 02, 1998


Rick, Nice job.

Try moving your images outside your cgi-bin directory. You should also move any .htm or .html files. I did not receive any server errors when I ran it, but I did notice some minor bugs.


-- Tom (, March 07, 1998.

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