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I would like to know about the last steam locomotive run of the Central of Georgia (as well) as another person who has posted that question. I also,more specifically want any information on the Savannah to Tybee Island trains. When was the last run on that line and any infomation availible. The location of all of the remaining locomotives as well. My grandmother rode that route daily for years. I understand, at Savannah some locomotives are preserved. Is there anyway to find out which routes the individual trains ran. Thanks....

-- G.T. Blackwell (, February 28, 1998


This is from "Tybee Tales." a small book that I bought in a Savannah bookstore. It was published by Polly Marsh in 1977.

"Marsh Hen Limited" was the name the school children of Tybee gave the train. They dared anyone else other than students to enter and ride to school into town with them. Rolls of tissue were fluttered and rolled out of the train windows, creating great fun for all but the trainmen. At times, kind trainmen offfered rides sitting behind the fireman for the ringing of the bell. Another treat was wathcing the train being turned on the turntable. In summer the children picked blackberries as the train pulled aside to allow the other train to pass.

From this I take it that the kids commuted to Savannah for school on the train, and they were just as unruly as modern kids on the school buses. However, haven't seen a school bus go in the hole for a meet and let the students off to pick blackberries.

Ms Marsh also says that the terminal was on Inlet Avenue, just south of Chatham Avenue and that the crews blew the whistle every morning at 5:55 am to alert the residents of the impending 6:00 am departure. "For thos not interesteds in time or departure from Tybee, the whistle was real annoyance."


-- Ron Wright (, March 06, 1998.

The last run on the Central of Georgia's Tybee District occurred on July 31, 1933, when engine 329 pulled eight coaches of a Central of Georgia Railway Clerk's Orgainzation picnic special to Tybee and back.

The rails were removed beginning in September, 1933.

(Source - Right Way Magazine, December 20, 1958.)

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, March 04, 1998.

I can help you with some of the information that you requested. The current issue of the Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society's newsletter has an article about the Tybee Branch. If you'll send me your mailing address, I'll be happy to mail you a copy. Send your address to Steam locomotives No. 8 (Maude, 0-6-0T) and No. 403 (4-6-0) are both preserved in Savannah. No. 509 (2-8-0) is in Macon. No. 349 (4-4-0) is at TVRM in Chattanooga. No. 223 (2-8-0) is in Columbus but is reportedly to be moved back to Savannah. The next issue of the newsletter will contain a more detailed listing of existing equipment, both locomotive and rolling stock.

-- Allen Tuten (, March 01, 1998.

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