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I found this website when doing an internet search on Watt's Pottery. I have a piece that was given to me by a friend. Her husband worked for the Sylvan Cheese Factory in Wisconsin. She was moving, and I admired the piece because of the apple painted on it, so she gave it to me. (My husband works for an orchard and I pick up apple decorations now and then.) I set the piece on my kitchen countertop ~ it looked quite nice sitting there. A few weeks later I was in an antiques shop with my mom and saw a similar piece locked in a cabinet. Imagine my surprise when I asked the clerk to remove the piece and saw the price tag!!

Well, needless to say, I removed the vase from it's precarious spot on the countertop (I have a 4 year old!) and put it in a cupboard. As I have no sentimental connection to the piece, I am willing to sell it.

It is a pitcher, approximately 6 3/4 in. high with a single apple and 3 leaves painted on it. It is in very good condition, from what I know, as I have compared it with pieces in various antique shops. I am entertaining bids on the piece. Feel free to email me for more information.

Michelle C in WI kclipner@mwt.net

-- Michelle in WI (kclipner@mwt.net), February 28, 1998

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