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Cool facts taken from E! Online: James Horner is planning on an international musical tour!!!

"For the record, here's a rundown of the top worldwide film grossers:

Titanic $919.8 million Jurassic Park $913.1 million Independence Day $807.7 million Star Wars $780.1 million The Lion King $772.3 million

Of course, Titanic isn't just making money for the local megaplex. Consider the following:

The soundtrack has been No. 1 for six straight weeks and has sold more than 10 million copies. Composer James Horner is working on an international tour of Titanic tunes.

James Cameron's Titanic is the bestselling paperback in the country. (Other tie-in tomes on the bestseller list include: A Night to Remember, Leonardo DiCaprio: Modern-Day Romeo, Titanic: An Illustrated History and Titanic: Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner.)

Attendance at the Queen Mary cruise ship exhibit in Long Beach, California, has doubled from last year. (The boat looks very much like the Titanic and has an exhibit titled "Titanic: The Expedition.") "

-- Rose (, February 27, 1998

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