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Has anyone noticed the similarity between the the character of latter-day Rose with the famous resident of Ojai, Beatrice Wood, who does very pricey ceramics and is about 104 years old. I believe she was alive in 1996.

-- Gordon Usticke (, February 26, 1998


Yes indeed, Cameron modelled Rose after Beatrice. He visited Beatrice to see what a person over a 100 would be like and found her to be still active and mentally astute.

-- Dave Cook (, February 26, 1998.

Yes, she was modeled after Beatrice Wood, and Cameron's salute to that was to have Rose working the pottery wheel when we first see her.


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, February 27, 1998.

Thank you for the confirmation. I must admit the potters wheel gave me the first clue. Does anyone know if Beatrice Wood is still alive,and if so, has she seen the movie and given any reactions?

-- Gordon Usticke (, February 27, 1998.

Forgive me, but (...there don't don't seem to be enough lifeboats on board) I have never heard of this person, and I thought I had seen the list of remaining survivors. Where does she live, if she is still alive? If she wasn't on the Titanic, what is her claim to fame?

-- Bob Gregorio (, April 10, 1998.

Beatrice Wood recently died at the age of 105. She is considered the the mother of DaDa. Also supposedly the movie "Jules and Jim" was based on her life. In recent years, she was a ceramist whose work would sell for thousands. As far as I know she had no relation with Titanic.

-- Gordon Usticke (, April 10, 1998.

Beatrice Wood wasn't related to Titanic; Cameron modeled Rose after her when he was exploring what someone who would be around 100 years old would be like when he was creating the character of old Rose. Finding this vital woman, still active and involved in physical tasks, was an inspiration to him, and that's why Rose uses the potter's wheel in the film.


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, April 14, 1998.

rose and beatrice wood are similar, because they both knew the titanic and they are both family so they would live very long, because they are mother and grand daughter. A QUESTION IS ROSE STILL ALIVE IN 2004 AND HOW LONG DO YOU THINK SHE CAN HOLD ON SO I CAN VISIT HER SOME DAY?

-- elissa chartlotte joseph (, October 28, 2004.

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