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Has anyone ever heard of TVLC ? if so how would you rate their control systems ?

-- <> (, February 26, 1998



TVLC = Thames Valley Lift Control.

Not sure, but I believe they're out of business,... or possibly gobbled up by Thyssen?

-- Ray Griffin (, February 28, 1998.

Thames Valley

Correction.... Thames Valley is NOT out of buisiness,... they did sell out in the U.S., but are still operating in the U.K.

-- Ray Griffin (, March 01, 1998.

Thames Valley Lift Controls

TVL has been acquired by Dewhurst (Dupar) in London. We support existinf TVL product in the US with a stock on hand of over 1100 TVL P.C.B.'s including full racks for 6800 series. We also stock the transformers, timers, resistors and other controller components. Our branch in London can supply items no stocked in New York. We also support the Salish product (which was acquired by TVL) with spare P.C.B,"s and board repair. Call me at 1-800-221-9553 for more details or a list of available boards.

-- Patrick A. Carrajat (, March 02, 1998.


In the early 1990's when I worked for Millar Elev., they were installing some of this equipment. Thames would suggest England,which they probabally were, but the equipment was made or assembled in Canada. The manufacturer proudly displayed stickers in every controller cabinet with the Canadian flag and initialed by the wirer or assembler.

-- Joe (, July 23, 1998.

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