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My question deals with the Angel Tama. I have one and the other day it went for it's daily walk and when I brought him back there were two of them! Why is this? Yesterday they were dancing together so nicely. I would like any information on this style of Tama. So far I have learned just by careing for him. Thank you.

-- Chris Di Flauro (, February 26, 1998


I think I know what happened. You probably missed the change to the twins. It's a secret character so you must have had a adult angel before. Probably chesnut angel, just like mine. This also supports my theorie that if you treat it nicely the first time it changes in the twins more easily.. well your chesnut just changed without you noticing and then they went in the door without you noticing. Then you saw the door press bell and sreamed and they came out again. It is also true that the chesnut angel droppes his wings I already saw it twice..That's wat happened..

-- Leentje Schade (, February 27, 1998.

I want one of these! how can I get one here?

-- Joanna Fay harper (, March 16, 1998.

Where can u get these in the U.K???????

-- Sophie Davies (, April 25, 1998.

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