England {What were the rich main characters doing there?}

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I don't know if this has been addressed in any of the other questions. We were wondering what Cal, Ruth, and Rose were doing in England? Grand tour, or wedding shopping?

-- gk (lrc@usit.net), February 26, 1998


Response to England

This was never addressed in the movie. Perhaps someone might come up with some ideas. Whoever it is will probably also have the deck plans to the Starship Enterprise, if you're interested. :)

-- Dan Dalton (DDa2309070@aol.com), February 27, 1998.

Response to England

I read in James Cameron's book that they were on a shopping spree in Paris. That would explain Rose's gazillion trunks and all the paintings she had. Oh, if only I were her!!! (:

-- Jessica Gross (jgross@eureka.edu), February 27, 1998.

I too thought they were on a shopping spree. As I understand it, it wasn't uncommon for future brides to buy much of their new clothes and their wedding dress in England and Europe. Paris has always been a fashion center for the world. I also understand that those who had the money often went abroad. I guess it was kind of a symbol of their status and a way to flaunt their money.

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), April 26, 1998.

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