Why the repeat viewers?

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I know I'm not one to talk since I've seen it 5 times, but why do you suppose so many people see this movie so many times? Is there any other movie you repeat viewers have ever seen multiple times such as this one? And how many viewings do you consider excessive? This is not a criticism--merely curiousity......Thanks!

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), February 26, 1998


Maybe because it is such a BIG movie. I saw it 3 times and got something different out of it each time, and noticed lots of different things each time. I'm looking forward to the day I can rewind a scence and watch it bit by bit!

-- Lianne (liannegraham@one.net.au), February 26, 1998.

Someone told me a story about a woman in the States who was kicked out of the theatre for reciting every line with the movie. She had ticket stubs to prove she had seen it 84 times!! Now that's a bit excessive!!!!

-- Allison (allisonelizabeth@mb.sympatico.ca), February 26, 1998.

Because the film is so big and moving, I believe everyone wants to enjoy the flick on the big screen as much as possible before it runs out of steam (there's nothing like a movie on the big screen, you know). My guess is they'll probably re-release it during the spring of 2012.

-- Michael (foo@bar.com), February 26, 1998.

When I am successfully transported into another world, I want to extend that experience. For a movie, it's as easy as going again. When I was a kid, I saw Star Wars 23 times because I wanted to be part of that world. I've only seen Titanic twice, but desperately want to go again, but since I can't (I have job, kids, spouse now to contend with) I have extended my experience by being part of this forum, reading the books, taping all of the specials.

Now the real question is why do we want to be part of a world that ends so tragically? As for me, I agree with the woman in the foxtrot comic. "For those six hours they are all alive again." It really tells the success of Cameron's capturing the majesty of Titanic and the era that we would live through the nightmare of the sinking to be part of Rose and Jack's world and to be part of a love that goes on...

-- crystal smithwick (Crystal@9v.com), February 26, 1998.

Look, I am 40 years old and I go to the movies often, I am married, a sports fanatic,hate romantic movies, I love comedies and adventure movies, am addicted to si-fi, but this movie has something that gets inside me and I don't know what it is. So if I like this movie, it is truly something special..dam i hated "Love Story"

-- ah (sam@ilo.ca), February 26, 1998.

WELL...here is my story.If any of you are "really" interested. I've seen it 6 times. The first time was the day it came out.I had to see it because all the commercials had made me curious.Saw it with 2 good friends. The second time I went with my friend who is crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio.(This is when I began to realize how good looking Billy Zane(Cal)is)...yes,I like the bad guy.Have a problem????? The third time I saw it with the same friend.(LOVED Billy Zane) The fourth time I saw it with my parents.(LOVED BIlly Zane) The fifth time I saw it just with my mom.(LOVED Billy Zane) And finally the sixth time I saw it with my friend who loves Leonardo, AGAIN.(STILL LOVED Billy Zane) ....so you see???I HAD to see it 6 times.Why,I don't know.I'm sorry that you had to read all of this and I didn't even answer your question. OH...and I cried all 6 times.

-- Ana (sirabion@ucla.edu), March 03, 1998.

I still find it truly amazing that Titanic's "repeat business" comes from people of all ages and all different walks of life. I'm 28 years old, and the last time I saw a movie more than once in the theater was E.T. in 1982 (I saw that twice). I have now seen Titanic 6 times, and would see it again if I wasn't becoming embarrassed to admit how many times I've seen it! I can't really pinpoint why I keep going back. All I can say is that this movie gets to me every single time. I think it's so appealing because it evokes so many different emotions in its audience -- joy, fear, excitement, fascination, horror, heartbreak, humor, etc.etc. etc... The life lessons it teaches are many, but there is one theme in particular that all humankind never tires of hearing: love really is the greatest power of all.

-- Cathy (CDaley4303@aol.com), March 18, 1998.

I have about 100 movies in my video collection, all of which I've watched dozens of times. These are my favorites - movies that I bought because I love to watch them over and over again. Some of them, like "Say Anything", I've actually worn out. Others, like "Heat", I dust off when a particular mood strikes me. TITANIC is going to be one of those videotapes that I know I'll wear out. I actually plan on buying two copies when it's released on video. Only on very rare occasions, however, have I seen any movie more than twice in the theater. When I was 13, it was Return of the Jedi. Now it is Titanic. There is something magical about seeing this movie on a huge screen with bone rattling digital surround sound. I become completely enveloped by the the movie, sucked into it, so to speak. It's going to lose something when I sit and watch it in my living room. I want to see it as many times as I can before it leaves the theaters, because a re-release is at least 10 years off. I guess what I'm really saying is that I just can't get enough of it.

-- Jen (mjmwalk@worldnet.att.net), March 18, 1998.

I think some of the reason is websites like this. Everybody has pointed out such cool things in the movie that I missed, that I want to go back and see it for myself. I've heard several other people say the same thing.

Also, I think the public realizes what an awesome film this is, both the accomplishment of Cameron as well as the historical aspects. I think it's great to see people appreciating it!

-- Becky Gordon (becky.gordon@pfs.sprint.com), March 19, 1998.

James Cameron said it himself and put it in a nut shell. To try to quote him "People just like to go to the movies and cry".

-- Mark S. Keener (mikeds@access.mountain.net), March 23, 1998.

I've seen this movie 13 times (and yes, I must go back, if only because 13's unlucky! :-) Why do I, a thirty-something, sane woman keep going back? Because I love this movie -- everything about it -- and I know they'll letterbox it when it comes out on video and it just WON'T be the same on my tiny 19-inch tv screen. Maybe it's time to spring for the big screen....

-- Alyeska (cgochnau@sky.net), March 23, 1998.

Well hopefully they will put it out in both formats and I will probably buy them both! BTW, I've only seen it once, but I will probably wear out a VCR or two when it does come out on video!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), March 23, 1998.

Titanic seems to have ahold on its viewers. Everything about it is simplly extravagant. It's the kind of movie that people think about every day of their life afterward. If it's possible to be in love with a movie, this is the one. My theory is that so many people want to experience the kind of love Jakc & Rose did, but they can't so watching it is the next best thing. I do believe that even the people who hate the movie think about it often. Is it possible that so many people don't have a true love?

-- Lyssa (dcfarms@clear.lakes.com), April 13, 1998.

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