Celine Dion is going to sing "My Heart Will Go On" at the Grammys tonight

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I just thought I'd let you guys know...

-- Jennifer (foo@bar.com), February 25, 1998


hi sir, i want to know if there r my hear will go on a whole music in the net and in realplayer tell me plz if there r and if u can send it or send the location plz bye

-- KING KING (kingforever@hotmail.com), April 14, 1998.

can you please sing my heart will go on

-- Jamie thomas rizzo (Spacejammer2@hotmail.com), April 18, 1998.

If some one knows how to put the full song on let me know thank you

-- Jeff (Jeff568@hotmail.com), April 22, 1998.

i really want to hear it in the computer now!!

-- erika sörensen (mtb690p@tninet.se), March 01, 2004.

celine dion ould u please sing my heart will go on

-- jamirca (jamirca@verizon.net), September 28, 2004.

celine dion could u please sing my heart will go on.

-- jamirca (jamirca@verizon.net), September 28, 2004.

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