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When was the line to Troy, AL spun off? Chasing trains in the area, I found the tracks passing under CSX just to the south had been pulled up, and the line crossing CSX in Troy proper looked in bad shape. Following the line out, I found an ex-SOU GP30 and an ex-RI (!) GP18 or 20. Neither of these were lettered. Does anyone know the recent history of this line? Thanks in advance, John

-- John Taylor (, February 25, 1998


I don`t have an answer only a question. when did the sale/and or lease of the Nuckols to Hurtsboro actually take place. I know abernathy had it but what date? thank you.

-- edward epley (, August 17, 2002.

In addition to David Payne's answer I submit that the South Alabama RR(Troy-Goshen), Pine Belt Southern(Hurtsboro-Nuckles)(Both ex-Mobile&Girard RR) and Pine Belt Southern (Roanoke Jct-Layfayete) are all owned by a Mr. Abernathy of Shelbyville, Tenn. PBS Hurtsboro just started once a week service last week(down from twice weekly) In fact it went out very early this a.m. and has yet to return today....wonder what happened?

-- Rick Perry (, May 29, 1998.

The Southern Alabama Railroad Company, Inc. (SARC) filed a notice of exemption to acquire and operate approximately 15.04 miles of rail line of Central of Georgia Railroad Company from milepost 374.96 at Troy, AL, to milepost 390.00 at Goshen, AL. The transaction was expected to be consummated on approximately October 15, 1988. The decision date was September 30, 1988. The service date was October 20, 1988.

During the same time, Central of Georgia petitioned to abandon its line of railroad between Hurtsboro and Troy, Alabama. The line extended from Milepost 329.0 at Hurtsboro to Milepost 374.96 at Troy. The line to be abandonned consisted of 45.96 miles of main track and 4.53 miles of side track. The CG petition noted that "the 15.06 mile segment from Troy to the end of the line at Milepost 390.0 in Goshen, Alabama, is being sold to the Southern Alabama Railroad Co., Inc., a new short line."

The CG petition continued, "During 1987 Central identified its line from Nuckols, Alabama MP 303.4 to Goshen MP 390 as a line that was losing money and would not support the cost of the next maintenance cyle, timbering and surfacing due in 1993. Rather than allow the line to reach 1993 with no hope for reinvestment, it was decided to explore the possible disposition of the lien to a short line operator. A shortline railroad would be able to timber and surface a portion of the line each year as labor and materials became available and traffic justified the effort. ... In January 1988, Central offered to lease the Nuckols to Goshen line to six experienced shortline operators under an arrangement which would permit annual lease payments to be reduced by a dollar-amount credit per car interchanged between Central and the shortline. In spite of these favorable terms, none of the six shortlines contacted was interested in leasing the entire line. They were interested in the 25.6 mile Nuckols to Hurtsboro segment which had 1102 carloads in 1987 and the 15.04 mile Troy to Goshen segment which had 1269 carloads in 1987. None of the six shortlines contacted was interested in the 45.96 mile Hurtsboro to Troy segment with only 16 carloads in 1987."

At a later date, the 25.6 mile Nuckols to Hurtsboro segment was leased to the Pinebelt Southern; at about the same time as the 17 mile branch from Roanoke Junction to LaFayette.

-- David Payne (, February 27, 1998.

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