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This just in...

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Late Monday night, at a theater somewhere in the world, "Titanic" became the biggest moneymaker in movie history, breaking the global box-office record set by "Jurassic Park."

20th Century Fox said Tuesday the disaster epic has grossed more than $919.8 million worldwide, surpassing $913.1 million for "Jurassic Park." And "Titanic" did it in just 10 weeks.


-- Kip Henry (, February 25, 1998


That's great! And I saw the movie for the fifth time Monday, so my $4.25 helped make history! YAY!!!

-- Laura (, February 25, 1998.

To those who want some food for thought,

I realize that Titanic is not as bad as some of the movies produced these days, but I wonder how many nude painting scenes and explicit (albeit not shown) sex scenes it takes to make a movie unfit for consumption by decent, moral, law loving people? I'm not attacking the first amend., though no doubt some will say I am. When media produced under the Freedom clause alters negatively the behavior of a citizen and fuels criminal behavior as in the case of Ted Bundy, it seems we would learn that violence and/or sex in the media ought to be avoided.

Concerned . . . that's all.

-- Todd Howard (, February 25, 1998.

Hey Tod, where's the explicit sex scene in Titanic? If your talking about the scene where Jack draws Rose, all you saw were her breasts and I do not consider that to be 'explicit'.

All you have to do is take a look at films regarding African, Aboriginal and Amazonian woman, to name but a few. They do not hide their 'breasts', it is apart of their culture/dress.

-- Peter Edmead (, February 25, 1998.

Todd, what does Ted Bundy have to do with Titanic?? Where is the relevance? If you're implying that violence,sex,etc. in movies promote corruption, I think you'd better pick on another movie.

-- gk (, February 26, 1998.

a film like titanic would be considered graceful but the explicitand nude material with the breasts and all that turned this movie into a pile of junk

-- gen (, January 06, 2004.

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