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I have a problem! I can't afford the 500 or so dollars that verisign charges for a certificate, so I am using the certificate of my provider. I have used https only on the purchase items in cart option. When I click on buy item, it adds the item, and I can review the item and it is there. The problem is, when I go to purchase items in cart, I get a blank review along with the order form. Where did the items go?? I love the script, but as I start trying to use it in more complicated ways, it's begining to give me a headache. I've spent hours working on this problem above. Thank you, Chrys Heard

-- Chrys Heard (, February 24, 1998


Here is a bit more info. If I run the entire script as https, it runs fine. (a little slower, but fine.) The problem is, if I leave the line $cgiurl = ""; and only use https when using the purchase items on cart the cart is ok upon reviewing it with http. But when it switches to https when purchasing items in cart, it shows nothing in the cart except shipping. If I change $cgiurl = ""; All of it works fine, but ALL of it doesn't need to be secure. Any ideas, or anyone run up against this before now? (I didn't change any directories, just that one line above, and the footer file to call http or https.) Help please??!! I've left a message with Emperor, but with no response...

-- Chrys Heard (, February 25, 1998.

I don't know if this addresses your need or not, but one way around it would be to use your "personal" address for the https: reference instead of your registered domain name, ie:

I am relatively new at this, but implmented this method and so far so good.

-- Dan Freeman (, December 30, 1998.

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