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Is the dress Rose is wearing when she is about to throw herself off the ship the same dress she wore to go to dinner with Jack? They looked the same to me, but I might be wrong.

-- Jennifer (, February 23, 1998


No, the dress she wore to dinner had a salmon colored train that she attached to her wrist with a bracelet type thing. The "suicide dress" didn't have as much of a train, plus it had more red.

-- Ashley (, February 23, 1998.

No. I thought so at first, too, but during the fourth time (out of 12) seeing the movie, I realized that the "suicide dress" had little frindges at the bottom that had red and black bead-type things on it. The dinner/ steerage party dress was a slightly different color, with a long train at the end, which is very evident when she has Jack hold it up when she balances on her tiptoes.

-- Eve (, May 11, 1998.

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