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I have two questions about SQL Server 6.5

Question 1: How can I import data from Sybase to SQL Server 6.5? Is it true to use bcp ? Is there any other methods ?

Question 2: How can I set up a Mail function in SQL 6.5 running in NT 4.0 Enviornment. Actually, if I set up SQL6.5 in NT3.51, it can recognise the mail box from the post office, but it does not work in NT4.0. It asks me to provide the profile name and i do it. However, it could not find the mail box in the profile.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 1998


Re: SQL Mail Service and Export data to Sybase


Sorry I have not answered more quickly. I was taking a class last week.

Answer 1: Use bcp or use the Enterprise Manager Database/Object Transfer. The help file for the Database/Object Transfer says:

Database/Object Transfer Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to transfer some or all objects from one database to another. The destination server must be running Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5. The source server can be running Microsoft SQL Server version 6.x or 4.x, or SYBASE System 10. Transfers can be performed immediately, or can be scheduled for immediate, one-time, or recurring execution.

Answer 2: My hints here are to make sure you have a MAPI email client installed on your SQL Server machine. Then after you have started the email client, use xp_startmail then xp_sendmail.

The Transact SQL help states: If there is an existing mail session, xp_startmail will not start a new one. If mail is being used on the same computer on which SQL Server is also running, the mail client must be started before xp_startmail is used or before SQL Server (if using the Set Server Options "Auto Start Mail Client" option found in SQL Setup). For more information, see the Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Companion.


P.S. My brother Joe works at Fujitsu near Portland, Oregon, USA.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 1998

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