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I thought there was a thread dealing with this but I can't find it. A friend of mine swears Rose had a tattoo that is seen in the scene when she is trying to jump off the back of the ship. I didn't notice it but did any of you?

-- Lianne (liannegraham@one.net.au), February 23, 1998


It does look like Kate has a tatoo on the left arm, but it is just a piece of lace from her dress. I had to look more than once to make sure :)

-- Miandra Field (mfield@syr.edu), February 23, 1998.

Yes, Kate did have a tattoo on her when she was jumping off but you could barely see it because it was hidden very well I didn't notice it until I went to see Titanic for the tenth time.

-- Tracy Rae Phipps (tburleso@pitton.com), April 14, 1998.

It's not a tattoo, just a piece of lace from her dress. Trust me on this. It cast a shadow on her arm, and it moved from time to time.

-- Allison (allisonelizabeth@mb.sympatico.ca), April 14, 1998.

Yes, this is a tattoo and it looks like the sign of "BATMAN", I think. But I think, it would be better if this tattoo is not showing in this movie, because I4m sure that 1912 tattoos are not so famous. Sorry, for my poor english!!

-- Schlichting Yvonne (schlichting@verwaltung.uni-karlsruhe.de), May 28, 1998.

It's a piece of lace. Kate Winslet has said in an interview that she hasn't got a tatoo but would like to get one.

-- Kate Macey (KMacey@.yun.phail.lon), May 28, 1998.

I'd just like to say...

IT'S A PIECE OF LACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and believe me, I should know... I'm obsessed with her.

P.S. notice it isn't there in the sketch scene.

-- Rob Baker (Spice251@aol.com), July 27, 1998.

It wasn't a tatto then but she has got one now it is a small bird just on the edge of her nipple. If you are obessed you should have seen in her recent interview in Marie Clare.

-- Maggie Livingstone (foo@bar.com), August 20, 1998.

It isn't a tattoo....you're write lace people.It was just the shadow of her dress.Because,think of it,the sketch scene was done on the first day of shooting:she didn't have a tattoo...do you think that after they really began to get into the film,she'd go and get herself a tattoo???....Nope!!! I love Kate Winslet in Titanic and am proud to say I am a great fan.‰

-- Jo Duggan (JoWDuggan@aol.com), December 06, 1998.

to:(Spice251@aol.com) thank you very much (no sarcasism intended... really!) you and me both (obsessed!!) it wasn't a friggin' tattoo alright (directed to all those people who's eyes were screwin' up. Hate to be a bitch, but I can't stand it when people start these stupit rumours. LOVE ASHLEY xox

-- Ashley Flood (ringofire01@hotmail.com), May 02, 2003.

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