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I registered for Fiction 401. This is the first time on your site. Should I have registered in Fiction 38 first?

-- Crystal Johnson (, February 23, 1998


Fiction 98 is an introduction to creative writing; Fiction 401 is and advanced class in fiction writing. You should be familiar with the concepts in discussed in Fiction 98 before taking Fiction 401. If you have taken another course in creative writing, you will probably be okay in 401 ... or if you have done a lot of independent studying and have a basic understanding of the six elements of fiction: Point of View, Characterization, Atmosphere and Tone, Conflict. Plot, and Theme. Fiction 98 was created because many students in the past found Fiction 401 too difficult, so Fiction 98 is essentially a prep course for Fiction 401.

-- Bob Hembree (, February 23, 1998.

Hi.. I registered for Fiction 401 not too long ago... I haven't recieved anything from you guys.. I do not know how to come about contacting the professor and so forth.. please let me know what's going on. Thanks.. ciao

-- Miguelina Rincon (, April 15, 1998.

Hi Miguelina, Fiction 401 is all on-line. If you have registered, then that's all there is to it. The lessons ae posted on line and writers post their assignments on-line on the Study Group page of their choice. The class is designesd for writers to interact with each other to learn. I, as the instructor, will try to answer your questions here at the Help Desk, through the General Discussion Board, or through the weekly chats on Wednesday and Sunday Nights. I hope this helps. You find more information in the Syllabus and the first lesson when it is posted on the Assignments page Saturday, All my best, Bob

-- Bob Hembree (, April 15, 1998.

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