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Does anyone have any printed information on the 1920's era Otis SOB model elevators?

I am writing a book about the J.L. Hudson Company department store in Detroit, MI. Many of the people who have written me their memories of this store have included their remembrances of these classic hand-crank driven elevators. They also remember the sounds of the pneumatic doors opening and closing, the large white globes on the walls to signal an up or down car and the back-lit ornate brass dial pointers to indicate each floor.

It has been so interesting to learn that Hudson's even had an "elevator department" with its own director and employed more than 100 operators and "directors" for many of its 96 cars.

It is unfortunate, however, the Hudson's building is slated for demolition--though many of us are involved in an intense fight with the city to save it.

So, anyway, if anyone has this type of information, has direct connections to Otis (in the hopes of getting a reply!) to see if this was one of their first big jobs or, better yet, maintained the elevators at Hudson's downtown Detroit store, I would really appreciate a reply.

Thank you!

Maura Cady

-- Maura Cady (, February 22, 1998


Try contacting Otis. They have a history department.

-- Vernon P. Keller (, March 05, 1998.

"Info on Otis SOB model from 1920's" from Maura Cady

I have a set of prints in my hand right now..... I have two of these on my run.

-- Jarrod Emery (, May 23, 1998.

old otis

have some service/repair info on SOB/SODB magnet controllers.


-- dave (, December 15, 1999.

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