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I pasted the cc_verify.lib in the S_Mart script but, it still doesn't work. I pasted from the sub cc_verify { to the very end and excluded the last line with the 1 right below the sub send_order like everyone has said. I also commited out the line with && like someone told me to in the sub buy2 part. The script still processes the order though. Anyone have any more suggestions?

-- Matt (, February 22, 1998


The credit card verifier I had been using is pretty shabby, and has had a long littany of problems. I've switched over to using Business::CreditCard for everything.. the next full version of the script will include this changeover.

-- Barry Robison (, March 07, 1998.

Is this version available as of 12/14/98?

-- Jeff (, December 14, 1998.

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