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I have a Yamaha SPX-90 signal processor that doesn't initialize properly. When switched on relay RY-102 clicks slowly in and out (RY-101 OK) in a rhythmic pattern, parts of the LEDs flash in a pattern and only top line of the display lights. The pattern seems to occasionally change when I turn it and off.

The power supply and battery are OK. I tried reinitializing the unit but no luck. I also tried pulling the EPROM and powering it up but got the same results.

Any ideas? Since there are two relays RY-101 and RY-102, I may try switching them if they are the same. I hate to throw the thing out but I'm almost ready to ditch it. At this point I don't have any service documentation.


Mark WIlcove

Asked by Mark Wilcove ( from on February 18, 1998.

-- Mark Wilcove (, February 22, 1998


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