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-Lynn Fuston 3D Audio Inc

-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@aol.com), February 22, 1998


Just wondering if perhaps, giving a couple of lines of a song that I could find out the artist, please. - not sure even, what years it might have been. Sounds a little similar to the style of Roy Orbison's 'Cryin' ' The words are repetitive, but as follows: 'I'm Falling, falling in love with you. Oh, I'm falling in love with you' - seems this was at the end of lines. I would like to get the tape or whatever is available. Thank you for any information.

Asked by Peggy VanStelton (whitewalls@earthlink.net) from on February 21, 1998.

-- Peggy VanStelton (whitewalls@earthlink.net), February 22, 1998.

I have often wondered the same thing. Where is a good web resource where you can type in part of a lyric and find out what song it is from? there has to be one.


-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), February 22, 1998.

My ADA MP-2 display backlighting just quit. I have tried to conatct ADA at (510)532-1152 and at an 800 number I found. Neither number is in service. I also sent them an e-mail form the address at their web site but got no response. What's the scoop? Did they go out of business or have they moved? Any leads would be appreciated, I hate a bright light in my studio...


Asked by Mark Wilcove (mwilcove@mci2000.com) from on February 18, 1998.

-- Mark Wilcove (mwilcove@mci2000.com), February 22, 1998.

>> I have often wondered the same thing. Where is a good web resource where you can type in part of a lyric and find out what song it is from? there has to be one. >>

That would be one monster of a site. There is a newsgroup that I stumbled across once in which lyrics were frequently posted with questions like, "What song is this from?", and the participants seemed to know them pretty well! This may be a good resource. I think that the newsgroup is called alt.music.lyrics

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (ElevenShad@aol.com), February 22, 1998.

The song in the original question is one from the LeBlanc-Carr Band (I believe studio rats from Muscle Shoals). "Falling" was their only Top 40 hit (at least that I'm aware of, anyway). Hope this helps.

-- John Bartus (jebartus@bellsouth.net), February 23, 1998.

If you search the web and haven't yet discovered Metacrawler, you are in for a treat. Metacrawler.com. It will save you loads of time. It's only a reference engine, with no database of its own, but it goes out to Lycos and Yahoo and HotBot and Infoseek and gets their responses and presents them on one page. AND it is FAST!! When was the last time you heard that in a discussion about the web. Try it out. It's very cool.

Also, you may have noticed that some search engines are lacking in certain areas, and sometimes Yahoo says nothing exists, when Lycos will find 25 links. Metacrawler saves you from having to do searches in each of the major search engines. It is revolutionary. Really. Now if it would just allow a Fast-Find function, like on a Mac, where you can establish limitations, like "Don't return 4738 message board posts with the word [audio] in them."

-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), March 12, 1998.

Here's a question. Why in the world would anybody want to spend $20,000,000 for a space-age mirror so they could look at themselves all the time? I think we'd be better served spending the money on an interstellar launch pad, so we could launch a missile to shoot down that asteroid that's due here in 2028. Call it selfishness, call it self-preservation, call it wanting to see you grandkids. But at least it's not VANITY. Come on Al.

Lynn Fuston

-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), March 16, 1998.

A client called to ask if I can make a CD copy of an old hard to find LP. He wanted me to clean it up a little as well. How do you guys handle this type of request? If I have him sign a statement that he is having a copy/copies made for his own use and will not sell or profit from it in any way, will this legitimize the process, or should we just not take on this kind of business? Thanks in advance for advice. Keith

-- Keith (KtuChgo@aol.com), March 25, 1998.

RE: CD Copies

It really is a fine line..isn't it? Technically, it's against the law for you to profit from the copying process; but...then again, I've recorded bands in the studio who are doing cover tunes for demo purposes.. Personally, and I'm no attorney so don't take my word as gospel, cutting one cd copy is a lot different than the guys who used to bootleg cassettes and 8 tracks back in the '70's and then sell multiple copies from the trunk of their car at a gas station..

I have done some LP to CD transferring as well, usually if it's an out of print record (why else would someone pay 35 bucks for a CD Burn if they could get it on CD at the local record store for 12 bucks..LOL) and I had them sign a "waiver" of sorts saying that the CD was for personal listening purposes and not for re-sale...

As far as the "clean up" process goes, there are several different plug ins available for the popular editing formats that will "de click" and "de hiss", etc...of course, this does add more time to the process, and I charged more than for just a direct transfer.

To tell the truth, I'm getting away from that whole CDR copy process anyway..it was very time consuming, and, the $$ wasn't that great for the time involved. As the months went by and more people had the ability to do it at home on their PC's and Mac's, I didn't get as many requests for it anyway. Now, I just use it to provide my clients with a copy of what they've done at the studio.

Any other opinions?


-- Donny Thompson (Donny269@aol.com), March 26, 1998.

Here's a question for you studio owners. What is happening with rates over the past few years? Have you seen any increases/decreases? How has the MDM revolution effected your business? What equipment purchases are you making these days? What features/equipment are your customers asking for? (Can you say "long question?" I knew you could.)

Lynn Fuston

-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), March 27, 1998.

>>studio biz<<

While my rates haven't really changed, the type of work I do sure has. Not that I ever relied on bands to make my living in the studio (I think this is the downfall and cause for failure of most recording facilities..) But I'm getting less and less band work and getting more and more corporate work. I do a lot of tapes for "on hold" systems, audio for video (presentations mostly..LOL..don't wanna mislead you here..It's not like I'm doing the soundtrack to "Titanic" or anything...) and within the last two years have secured a contract/account with a major toy company/manufacturer designing sounds and sound FX for a line of toys. I still produce and record a number of solo artists (these folks are out there...look for them and grab them... they are generally songwriters who have ideas but don't know where to turn for help...) and I am fairly flexible with the rates when it comes to working with these people...hell..they're gonna go somewhere, I'd rather have them come to my place..and besides, ya never know if or when they're gonna "hit" with one....my sense is that they'll come back to where they started.. it's "planting seeds" so to speak... I still do some Karaoke, quick, painless cash. A lot of other odd jobs, like tape restoration, survelliance tape editing for attorneys and private detectives, weird stuff but it pays the bills.... I don't have any gold records hanging on the walls, but that's okay... Put it this way..it's nothing that I ever imagined myself doing when I first "hung out the shingle" as a recording studio ten years ago...but I'm not complaining..you have to hustle to get the gigs, and it's not easy work, but ..... it still beats asking someone if they "want fries with that".... LOLOLOL.... here we go again.....


-- Donny Thompson (Donny269@aol.com), March 28, 1998.

>>studio biz part II<<

As far as gear purchases, I'm looking into new consoles; I'm not really worried about the MDM home studios, these are mostly run by musicians recording their own stuff, and, as I stated in my previous post..I don't really mind not recording bands....long hours and the pay isn't all that good. Actually, I think the MDM revolution is a benefit in a major way...bands and musicians can now do their thing at home, and generally, they'll still come in to a real place to do vocal overdubs and mix...so it benefits everybody. As far as the Analog vs. Digital thing goes, I'd bet that 90% of my clients don't know the difference and wouldn't care if ya told 'em... the corporate clients I have hardly ever even come in..they fax ad copy, lengths of projects, and of course..deadlines... The solo artists I produce don't care as long as it sounds good... I have both formats, so I'm covered, but most of my clients don't know and don't care... The trick I've found over the years to staying in business is not necessarily having the "newest" and "hottest" piece of gear... (while I'm sure this is a lot more important to big SSL and Neve rooms recording the Stones, it just doesn't matter that much in Northern Ohio...) I'm not saying that I don't try to keep up..I do... but it's not as much of a race for me as it probably is for others who operate in areas that are immersed in the music biz.. Nashville, L.A., NYC, Toronto, etc...The trick is to stay diverse and to look for business where you'd least expect it to be.

Just a thought...


-- Donny Thompson (Donny269@aol.com), March 28, 1998.

Position available immediately for electronics service technician for Video Sound Technology in Pasadena, CA. Prefer experience in servicing keyboards and synthesizers, as well as other musical instruments/mixers/electronic devices. Very friendly, low-key environment. Call Dave Segimoto at (626) 794-8196 or email VSTAkai@aol.com (I would recommend calling, as I don't know how often Dave checks his email!).

I am posting this as a favor, so please do not reply to me or get mad at VST in the event that this is an inappropriate posting (in which case, you *may* reply and flame the heck out of me!).

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (ElevenShad@aol.com), April 06, 1998.

Lynn, I hope that you and your loved ones are alright after the severe weather yesterday. I am sure other SSS'ers will second that emotion. Keith

-- Keith (KtuChgo@aol.com), April 17, 1998.

Check out the new software preview from 3D Audio. The link to the description page is http://www.3daudioinc.com/3daudio_comedy(mbc).html.

Lynn Fuston

-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), April 24, 1998.

Sign me up for one of those ver 1.0. Heh,Heh!!

-- Kevin Hennessey (pianoman@ntplx.net), April 24, 1998.

>>Check out the new software preview from 3D Audio.<< Lynn, You may wanna stop the presses on this, so to speak. Over the past 15 years or so, potential clients have brought in at LEAST a half-dozen tapes, "mastered" at one of the "big gun" studios in this area, always with the same question: "Can you fix this?" Judging from the evidence, this studio may be way ahead of you. They can't possibly have been listening when they did these tapes.

Then again, they're always busy, so maybe they know something. Sign me up for version 2 and I can go them one better.

-- Tom Armbruster (pcctomtrf@aol.com), May 06, 1998.

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