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I am currently in the process of setting up the scripts with multiple changes. I was wondering why track.db is not be written too. Is it because I do not have smarttrack.cgi?

Also can I get smarttrack.cgi? I know of the security problems with it, but I can plug up the holes.

Everything else works great.

Thank you.


-- Scott Frankel (, February 21, 1998


LET ME JOIN THE CLUB: If someone would e-mail me the script for smarttact.cgi in the body or as an attatchment I TOO WILL PATCH IT and offer it to all... so fess up someone!

-- Gregory Swofford (, February 22, 1998.

Is the version of smartrack currently available the patched one? What are the security risks?

-- Waye Mason (, April 12, 1998.


Is the smartrack.cgi working now, can someone tell me where I can get a copy of it. I would really appriciate the help

thank you


-- Abir Mustafa (, June 24, 1999.

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