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Hey gang, Rose here. I've set up a Titanic chat room. Every night at 10pm Et. Hope to see you there!

-- Rose (, February 20, 1998


Rose, there are problems. It fails to connect...

-- Dan Draghici (, February 21, 1998.

I was able to connect, and we had some good conversation going. We need to get all the shack fans on there on-line.

PS Dan: This is my robot responding.

-- Jeff (, February 21, 1998.

Unfortunately I am not "Java-enabled"!! I can't go there, so I'll have to stick with Mr. Showbiz =(

-- Allison (, February 21, 1998.

Allison, you really should change your server. Get flat rates.

-- Rose (, February 21, 1998.

Hi, it's me again. I'll try to get some help. Hang on there. 'Promise me you'll never let go'!

-- Rose (, February 21, 1998.

Hey Rose, if you figure something out, can you email me?? Thanks!!! I was just at Mr. Showbiz and I suppose that you are all at the chat, right? I feel so left out... boo hoo.....

-- Allison (, February 21, 1998.


-- kallie jean gavin (gscinc@hot, November 14, 1998.

hey rose have you ever played titanic out of time???if you have maybe you could solve a problem for me

-- faye tabone (, October 21, 1999.

I hope they come out with a after math .

-- molly mclaughlin (), March 19, 2000.

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