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Can anyone tell me when Kate Winslet will be on the Today show next week??? I am not sure of the day... thanks

-- Miandra field (, February 20, 1998


Where did you hear that Kate would be on the Today show? I checked the site for The Today Show schedule. Kate is not scheduled to appear anytime next week according to what NBC has posted online. I also checked the schedules for Good Morning America and The CBS Morning Show and found no mention of any Kate appearances. Sorry!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 21, 1998.

My roomate was watching NBC and saw a clip of previews for next week's Today Show that said Kate Winslet and James Horner would be on the show. She did not know which day it was, and I really want to find out!

-- Miandra Field (, February 21, 1998.

I saw on another Titanic bulletin board that Kate Winslet will be on the David Letterman show on Friday, February 27. So maybe she will also be on the Today Show that morning. Keep looking for confirmation so that we don't miss it.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 22, 1998.

Reminder: March 8,1998 Screen Actors Guild Award to be aired on TNT cable television. TITANIC is one of the nominee as well as Kate Winslet.

-- M.M. (, February 22, 1998.

She *was* on! One of my friends told me today (Feb. 26) that Kate was on the Today show, (but she missed it, as well as I did) Did *anyone* happen to see it?

-- Laura Pliner (, February 26, 1998.

Kate appeared on the "Today" show Thursday, February 26. Matt Lauer conducted the interview. It lasted approximately ten minutes. As usual, Kate was down-to-earth, pleasant, and enjoyable. One could tell Matt enjoyed talking with her. Here is what I can recall: 1) On Leonardo not being nominated. She was most gracious and careful not to offend the Academy, but she did say that her performance is really a part of Leonardo's. She also said she recently had "a long phone conversation" with Leonardo and he isn't upset at all about not being nominated. 2) She doesn't think she will win. In fact, she said the British actress nominated for the film about Queen Victoria gives a better performance than she gave for "Titanic." 3) Matt asked her what the most difficult thing about making the movie was. Kate's reply, "The water--we were always wet." "I asked James [note the familiarity here] to cool the water to 55 degrees so we would appear cold and uncomfortable." [note 55 degrees, while not life threatening, is very cold.Anytime the ocean (or a pool) is below 70 degrees, that's COLD! 4) Matt noted that she really changed her accent for the film. Kate said that not only did she have to learn an American accent, but it had to be that of a Philadelphia, upper-crust girl, of 1912. She thanked her dialogue coach who was with her at all times. 5) Finally, she said that Leonardo and she became close friends during the making of the film. "We were like brother and sister." Then she said, "Sorry, girls, but Leonardo and I didn't make it." The camera showed Matt for a second and he looked a little embarrassed. (After all, the "Today" show is a family show). But Matt was charmed by Kate--as were we all. I believe she is at the beginning of a great career. It couldn't happen to a nicer person.

-- Walt Dervin (, March 02, 1998.

Thank you, Walt! I didn't know that Kate had appeared on the Today Show, and I really enjoyed reading your response. You are right, it couldn't happen to a nicer, more sane actress.

-- Rose (, March 04, 1998.

Thanks, Walt. Kate is a wonderful person. I still want her to get the Oscar.

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 17, 1998.

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