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Did anyone else think that it appeared that in the scene with the frozen bodies and the rescue crew, that they went by a body with a large bald head twice? Just wondering...

-- Laura Pliner (, February 18, 1998


Response to Frozen body

Well, I didn't see that, but I'm sure that I saw the ship's band leader in a lifeboat during the rescue scenes. Yet we know that the entire ship's band perished. I did see them in the final scene of the movie when Jack and Rose were reunited on the staircase.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 18, 1998.

Response to Frozen body

I didn't notice anything, but I'll look out for it when I go see Titanic on Saturday.

-- Jennifer (, February 18, 1998.

Response to Frozen body

If your talking about the guy(well,the FROZEN guy)that resembled Uncle Fester...then,yes,I did notice.

-- Ana (, February 18, 1998.

i dint notice any of that

-- Last Viewer (, January 21, 2004.

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