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I am a really huge Billy Zane fan.It's quite clear to me that people hate his character,Caledon Hockley,in the film.However,I've noticed that there are some people who hate the actor himself because of his portrayal of Cal.Is this true?Do people really hate him just cause they are reminded of his character when they see him???If so...I think people should give the guy a break and learn how to distinguish between a character and the actor who is playing the role of that character.CAPISH??? If you think about it,he really did contribute to making the movie so great and to making the love story between Rose and Jack more interesting.Am I right??? Thank you for listening(or reading or whatever). -Ana

-- Ana (, February 18, 1998


I haven't run into anyone who hated *Billy Zane*, but I suppose it's possible that someone could be dim enough to not make the distinction between an actor and a role. I thought Zane did a great job making Cal the cad he is, without letting him be just a cardboard cut-out villian out of an old silent movie ("you must pay the rent." "I can't pay the rent!" etc.) From my glancings through the book 'Cameron's Titanic' in book stores (no, I haven't yet bought it, but I will soon) it seems that this was Zane's intent.

Personally, I would love to see him in other roles, perhaps even as a good guy.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, February 18, 1998.

Ana: You're right about the importance of distinguishing fictional characters from their real life actors - otherwise I would not particularly like to be Billy Zane (or Jonathan Hyde for that matter) at this particular moment in time.

Anyway, I think that, as Thomas says, there aren't that many people who *hate* Billy Zane, the only ones who do I respectfully submit are safely locked up and receiving the full attention of the men in white coats.

Finally, Billy Zane did a superb job as Caledon Hockley, he played him to full effect, otherwise the freedom which Jack gave Rose wouldn't have meant nearly as much and we wouldn't have been emotionally affected to quite the same magnitude as we were.

-- Simon (, February 18, 1998.

I think Billy Zane did an excellent job as Cal, as do most! He plays such a great 'bad guy' (Dead Calm). I think they did a wonderful job of casting him in the role and I agree that if he had not been so nasty, we wouldn't have seen the importance of Rose leaving him. We weren't supposed to like his character and I think that is sometimes a harder role to play. I think he should've been nominated for Best Supporting Actor - Definately!!

-- Becky Gordon (, February 18, 1998.

Response to Do all Titanic Fans hate Billy Zane (Cal)

I personally do not have *Billy Zane* but boy does his *character* make my blood boil! He was such a jerk (Cal, not Billy). When I watched it the fourth time with one of my friends (who was seeing it for the first time) she kept mumbling about how he was a jerk. I feel that that is what helped add to the movie, like everyone else has been saying. When Billy was on Oprah, everyone booed at his charater, but when he came out he got a standing ovation (I think). I think that the fact that he can affect people that much, makes him an outstanding actor! :)

-- Laura Pliner (, February 18, 1998.

According to James Cameron, Billy Zane really upped the jerk quotient of Caledon Hockley. JC wanted Cal to be someone who realized his heart was breaking, just as he realized he had a heart. Billy takes bad-guy to the max, maybe too much so. JC wanted everyone to realize that Cal did love Rose in his own way. But because of Billy Zane's approach to the character, a lot of people don't think that Cal loved Rose, and just merely wanted to possess her. BZ's interpretation of the script is one matter, and the way he took his own interpretation and acted it out, he acted out a good bad guy. But it wasn't exactly what Cameron wanted, well at least according to Cameron post-production on some show, either Oprah or Larry King, I forget which. Guess they didn't want to spend another couple of million to re-cast the guy and spend another month or whatever on the set. Or maybe Cameron just said that post-production to save face, realizing when all the scenes were put together how nasty this guy really was and didn't catch it when filming the scenes. I think that anyone over the age of four or with enough of an intelligence to put on socks by themselves can distinguish between a character and an actor, and like or dislike each based on his/her own merits. They're probably critical of his interpretation of Cal from the script to the screen. Although they should point that finger in the direction of the director, who's suppossed to tell the cast when to lighten up.

-- Jen (, February 18, 1998.

I rather thought Cal did love Rose, even though he couldn't understand why she would leave him for some 'tramp' as Jack. Sure he 'showed' her off like an ornament, whenever they were in company but, when the ship was sinking he did a couple of things that made me think he still cared.

He put his coat around her to keep her warm, totally forgetting the necklace and cash he had stashed in its pockets and He could have gotten into a life boat which he had arranged with Officer Murdoch, but didn't when his minder told him that he had found Rose.

Cal was a cad, but I don't think he was as bad as maybe he is being portrayed. Oh, and if people didn't like Billy as an actor, then maybe he must have played his part well.

-- Peter Edmead (, February 18, 1998.

Ana I LOVE Billy Zane,and I believe that he is a great actor. Don't pay attention to the people who tell you that they hate Billy Zane just because he played the bad guy in the movie.Some of my friends hate Billy just because they saw the movie Titanic and he was a bad guy.They just don't understand the difference between the character in the movie and the real actor. Sofiya

-- Sofiya Masterovaya (, February 18, 1998.

For all you Billy Zane fans, he will be on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" on Friday, February 20. Check your local listings for the time and channel in your city.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 18, 1998.

I agree with Peter. Zane played the part well and his character convincingly loved Rose in the only way he could, considering her a possession and child. I don't know how Zane "upped the jerk quotient"; didn't he just act out the lines Cameron wrote? His lines were relatively few, so I don't see why Cameron didn't have re-takes if he had a problem. I have yet to read about any disappointment Cameron had with Zane's portrayal, which Jen referred to, but I'll keep my eyes open.

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 15, 1998.

First of all I would like to compliment you all on your sad preocupation with Billy Zane. We don't know what you mean by not liking THE CHARACTER of Caledon Hockley, we think Cal seams like a great guy to know especially when he chases Jack and Rose with his pistol out. I'd love to be in Rose's position as his feance and I'd never leave him for a scrubber like Jack ( no offence to Leo he's well fit. It's just that he's not suited to the role of Jack. Nefertiti likes him better when he's a druggie like her ha ha ha. And thats the honest truth.)Anyway Cal is NOT a scary character, when he throws the table at Rose I should imagine a duck would be more threating he hardly has us shaking in our seats. Does he have a problem with his eyes because he is forever blinking,is this a medical problem or is he just trying to flirt with Kate Winslet. He must see the world in a strobe lighting effect. Leo is the fittest lad in the whole world and he could have our blinky friend in a fight any day. Oh and one last thing, I think Billie should wear a corset like Kate Winslet.

-- Nefertiti and Tutankhamun. (, February 02, 1999.

hey,king tut, you're a fruitcake!

-- anonymous (, February 06, 1999.

Billy zane is defineatly the man everyone loves to hate, i mean i guess i can understand that, guys get all jealous and yes women we do get intimadated at times, but billy is really a good guy, dispite all the psycho characters he's played he's defineatly proved that he can play any role especially those villan roles. But with his looks and most importantanly his attitude, he can play any character! For all you who deny him, give him a chance, he is really the greatest actor! If you get the chance, be sure to watch any interviews they may have on him, i guarantee you sceptics with believe! I just here to let all of you know that billy zane is huge and will be then some in the future, and i want all of those who talked crap look back and say" hey that adrianna girl was right" because billy zane is great!

Dont hate him for being so good ok!

Thanks and billy, you rock!!!!!!

from b2tf1 and 2, to dead calm to memphis belle to betrayal of the dove to posse to demon knight to titanic and the many in between, he really is great, check him out sometime, and you'll see what i mean


{lowered case}

-- Adrianna (, February 15, 1999.

Ana, I have to tell when I saw the movie "Titanic", I thought Billy Zane was a real jerk. I thought this was the way he acted in reallife also, however, I gave hima chance. I went to visit my father's house and he was watching "The Phantom". I wathced it without knowing it was Billy, as I walked in right in the middle of the movie. When I found out it was Billy I was shocked. As the result of watching this other movie, I decided that Billy was a good guy and that he is just a really good actor to make people hate him so muchin "Titanic". I havent really seen many of his movies, but I have seen enough to know that he is a wonderful actor.

-- Jennifer B (, March 21, 1999.

OK. I think Billy Zane is a wonderful actor. The character of Cal, I have some problems with. I don't know how anyone can say that Cal was a great guy, or that they liked him. He demonstrated physical violence on several occasions. When he knocked over the table, maybe he didn't scare you, but there are women in this world who know that a table is not where it usually ends, and that is terrifying. So it doesn't suprise me that Rose left him for Jack, even if he was a scrubber.

-- Misty (, March 22, 1999.

The fact that many people dislike Caledon Hockley so much just shows what a talented actor Billy Zane is! I admit, I really disliked Cal, but that certainly doesn't mean I dislike Billy Zane.

-- Nonnie Parker (, April 16, 1999.

I don't h8 Billy. Hez an Australian, like me! hehe,lol :)

Really, Billy and Cal are 2 different people, that's uh, why they call it acting! :)

I say this even though I'm a total Rose/Jack fan and I can't stand Cal! :)

cheers, melinda.

-- rose_bud1912 (, March 08, 2003.

I think that Billy is so talented and HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I liked his role the best in the Titanic. The only reason I watch that movie is to see him. I love his roles and he stands out among a lot of the actors because he really can portray the characters well. SO ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT FEEL DIFFERENTLY NEED TO GO AWAY, THEY CAN SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND F-OFF. - SORRY !!! Thanx!!!. Byes***(nice day)***

-- Fatima .... (, May 31, 2003.

I really love Billy and i think that it's really stupit to think that he could be like Cal and than who said that Cal is not right he love Rose she is his future wife and it's normal that he's trying to return his beloved women.When i saw Titanic for the first time i was only 9 years old that time i fall in love with Leonardo,I hated Cal he was like my own enemy but when i saw Cleopatra I became crazy about that strong and beautifull men from that moment i'm his biiiiiggggg fan.Sorry if there are mistakes.

-- Nina (, February 17, 2004.

hey truly i think that cal is a wonderful and he is really hott!!!! but anyways you people need to realize that this is just acting not the real thing and to tell you the truth i liked how he showed his love for rose because it wasnt noticible and i like that. At theend of the movie he showed her how much he cared for her and then reallized that she loves jack more so he let her go even though he loved her. i think that is special... i dont kno about you peeps but i liked that. well anyways im out peace holla at ur girl if you have any differences i will talk to you aight lata

-- Amanda (, April 22, 2004.

when i saw the move titanic,i thought Billy Zane was a real jeark to Rose,but when i saw the other movies he played in i realized he is a true,talented actor.

-- brandy strength (, March 07, 2005.

when i first seen the mivie Titanic,i thought Billy Zane was a real jeark to Rose,bot then after i seen the other movies he played in,i realized he is a true, talented actor.

-- brandy strength (, March 07, 2005.

when i first seen the mivie "Titanic",i thought Billy Zane was a real jeark to Rose,bot then after i seen the other movies he played in,i realized he is a true, talented actor.

-- brandy strength (, March 07, 2005.

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