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Has anyone been over to the Mr. Showbiz site, on their bulletin board about Titanic? There have been some people who come in and make remarks that are really awful--it makes you feel like someone came up to you and slapped you in the face--have others felt like that? First, I don't understand why they feel the need to do it, and don't just go to the bulletin boards about the movies they like. Second, why be so obnoxious about it. I am finally at the point where I probably won't return to any of them because I'm tired of listening to people "curse" at me for my preferences. Does anyone else feel this way?

-- Teri Waite (, February 17, 1998


What's the URL?

-- Rose (, February 17, 1998.

The Showbiz site for the review of Titanic has basically become a chat site which is OK with me; it's a good forum. But because of this, your comment will be off-screen in less than an hour. I would warn people not to go there if you don't agree that Titanic is the cure for cancer. Don't expect to make friends there if you have an alternate view, they'll turn on you quick (or just ignore you).

-- Dan Dalton (, February 18, 1998.

The URL is:

-- Laura (, February 18, 1998.

Actually, Mr. Showbiz is where I got the address for Titanic Shack. The first few weeks after the movie came out I visited Mr. Showbiz frequently because the comments there were great. But it has really gone downhill! I tried it again today and saw mostly comments like 'Leo is so hot, I love this movie!' That's why I come here now. I like talking and reading about all the symbolism and looking at things from more than one point of view. I also appreciate the fact that even if nobody agrees with your statement, you don't get slammed for it. Thanks, everybody, for being mature!!!

-- Becky Gordon (, February 23, 1998.

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