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I would like to have a big round of applause for the voice of reason that we have heard from Becky Gage! It seems like the people who talk the loudest are usually the ones who know the least.. It is refreshing to hear Becky's reasnable, sane message!

I would also like to invite everyone to participate in and/or sponsor a Rocky Mountain Horse Forum, that we have recently gotten up and running. This is a general-purpose discussion group for all enthusiasts of the RMH.. It should prove to be entertaining as well as informative, and you will also be allowed to advertise on the front page.. As of now the forum is sponsored by Sheila Smith of Fox Hall Stables and myself, Arthur Smith, Trainer at Foxhall Training Center.. It is hosted and maintained by Tim Smith of Imagine Somethingcool Productions, a web and graphic design service.. Please come visit! (you may cut and paste this into your browser's URL window)


-- Arthur Smith (, February 17, 1998

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