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Does anyone know how much did Titanic made in the box office this weekend?

-- Jennifer (, February 16, 1998


"Titanic" brought in an estimated $27.5 million over the weekend, bringing its total to $371 million. It's now #3 after E.T. and Star Wars.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 16, 1998.

As of Monday night the movie has made about 33 million! Unbelieveable! Go Titanic!!!!!

-- Sara Clarke (, February 16, 1998.

Over the 4 day weekend, it made $33 million, now reaching at $376.4 million. Its best ever day was this Saturday when it took $13.0 million alone! The second best day was Jan.10, with $12.8 million. This weekend it also made $47 million abroad. Go, "Titanic", go!

-- Dan Draghici (, February 17, 1998.

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