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I found the assigment but don't know how to get it back to you or whoever. What is a board and how do i find it on 4 writers com? I joined but not sure what I'm doing. HELP!!!!!!!!

-- Marie Schultz (, February 16, 1998


Hi Marie, I haven't posted any assignments yet. The 1st one will be posted Saturday. A board is short for bulletin board or posting board or message board. When you click on the Study Groups pages you will see all the boards. For example, if you join the study group called "Consistants," then you would post your assignments on the Consistant's board. Take your time and get use to the site this week. the actual classses won't start until Sunday. If you haven't joined a study group yet, do so as soon as possible. Things will go much better that way. This week is to answer all your questions about getting around the site, so ask away. Good luck and have fun ... push buttons and click away! Bob Hembree

-- Bob Hembree (, February 17, 1998.

I am getting e-mail from my study group about assignment#2 & 3 and I have not even found the first assingment yet. I can't find where these are posted, or if the classes are held at specific times. I can't wait to get started, but am getting frustrated trying to find my wasy around. I would be greatful for any help and guidance you could offer.

-- Dee Probst (, March 14, 1998.

Lessons are replaced every Saturday. The current week is Assignment 4 (Week 5).

-- Bob Hembree (, March 14, 1998.

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