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Does anyone know what happened to the Heart of the ocean?

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 16, 1998


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If it didn't wind up in the J. Peterman catalog, it's probably in a prop room somewhere. The necklace in all probability was a fake.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), February 16, 1998.

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Kip---I'd bet money on the necklace being a fake. Lots of money. Actually, I thought it was kind of ugly and I bet it was very heavy around the neck. (Rather have the fortune it represented, myself.) I like the idea thrown out here on this board a few weeks back that it was cursed. Louie the 16th, Titanic....ya never know.....better it stay on the ocean floor.

-- Linda (Ashokan4@yahoo.com), February 16, 1998.

Response to where is...?

Who is this J. Peterman that everybody is talking about? Is this the same peterman elain worked for in the sitcom "seinfield"?

-- april cheng (aprilcheng@hotmail.com), February 16, 1998.

Response to where is...?

The JPeternam Catalog is an online ordering service which allows you to order stuff from a movie. They sell clothes, chairs, eating utensils, you name it. They have some cool stuff on Titanic. Life belts, even life boats.$$$$$$$

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 16, 1998.

What's the online address to JPeterman's catalog?

-- Jennifer (foo@bar.com), February 16, 1998.

The URL for the J. Peterman Catalog is: www.jpeterman.com. Always try the obvious and see what happens!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), February 16, 1998.

I read a newspaper article three weeks ago about J Peterman selling props from the movie. At that time, only a couple of life boats ($16,000), a 12 ft fiberglass anchor ($12000) and miscellaneous silverware and glasses were still available. There may be more props offered in April. I bet the necklace won't be among them, it would seem to me to be the single most valuable piece from the movie (sort of like the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz or the sled from Citizen Kane). If it were up to me, I would put it where it belongs, on Titanic as a tribute to those who died.

-- Dan Dalton (DDa230970@aol.com), February 17, 1998.

Just a note: The Heart of the Ocean was a fictional prop created by Cameron for the story-line. It is definitely fake. I can't imagine people spending oodles of money for fake jewelry, unless it holds that much memorable value for them.

-- Rose (rosemarie17@hotmail.com), February 17, 1998.

Today (Monday, 1998 February 23rd) on _Entertainment Tonight_, it was mentioned that Asprey jewellers (presumably, the main one in London, England) is selling a _Heart of the Ocean_ replica. It has a 170 carat sapphire, with 40 carats of diamonds set around the main stone; it is worth around 3.5 million dollars. They're *probably* only making one, at that price.

http://www.asprey-london.com/ is the main website for Asprey, although most of it is devoted to the Ferrari collection.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicShack@yahoo.com), February 23, 1998.

Thomas: 3.5 mil? Well, in that case get two, they're small!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), February 23, 1998.

I had heard the the Heart of the Ocean prop was actually made by a real Jeweler and was on loan to the Cameron production. I wonder if it was the sapphire version that is on sale? I can't remember what article I read that in, but it was one of the Cameron goes overboard ones before the release and it gave me the definitite impression that the gem was real (but not really a diamond.)

Hm 3.5 million...sapphire and diamonds? It would go really well with my engagement ring... honey....

-- crystal smithwick (crystal@9v.com), February 24, 1998.

I'm making my own 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace. A little hot glue, a back to glue the fake sapphire and diamonds (zircona?) to and a clip on it to clip it to a zircona necklace, if I can find one. My should be rename, "poor girl's dream" ;)

-- julieao (julieao@angelfire.com), April 20, 1998.

I'm making my own 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace. A little hot glue, a back to glue the fake sapphire and diamonds (zircona?) to and a clip on it to clip it to a zircona necklace, if I can find one. My should be renamed, "poor girl's dream" ;)

-- julieao (julieao@angelfire.com), April 20, 1998.

The Heart of the ocean prop is in a moving show case, donated by a man who bought the movie prop, I have seen the prop and it is a beauty, I am also making my own Heart Of The Ocean Replica actualsize, tons of austinian chrystal diamonds sourounding a blue austinian crystal heart, and a diamond necklace. the prop was a beauty, and I was so sad that i could not bring it home with me.

-- Mike Regnier (mikeregnier@yahoo.com), December 27, 1998.

The Heart Of The Ocean prop necklace is on tour with a gem and jewelery show in chicago at the Rosemont Theater. At least they say that it's the real prop from the movie. They also have the real necklace from 1912 which of course is a lot smaller the the one in the movie.

-- nicole vavallo (hrttitanic@aol.com), February 15, 1999.

Would anyone care to tell me why the peterman website won't let me in? What is it, are we all in line, or something? Is it "one at a time, please" or even "women and children first"?? If anyone can get throug, please!!! I need both the e-mail to the company (if any) and the address to send away for the catalog. Thanks all. ;-P

-- (Intrinsic1@theglobe.com), March 09, 1999.


J.Peterman's has gone out of business. From what I've been able to find out, they had enough money to clear their backorders and returns from Xmas, but it appears that they're shut-down.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicshack@yahoo.com), March 09, 1999.

Is the Heart of the Ocean Real?

-- (Miggy223@aol.com), April 29, 1999.

It is a real necklase, and it is a real prop from the movie, but it was not on the Titanic in 1912.

-- Misty (HiRver@concentric.net), April 29, 1999.

it is in a mueseum were all the movie props go.or celine dion has it.

-- joseph howard callihoo (homer55555@epals.com), November 06, 2002.

The hope diamond is in the smithsonioan it was donatied by a lady that died. She put it in the exzibit to show off.

-- Ashley Sterns (sweet_bi_gurl_69us@yahoo.com), September 04, 2003.

Where is it?

Hi, this is a friendly from Texas, wondering about this, not from the Movie Titanic, but in a mystical sort of way. Ran across a 6 point star which criss-crossed two triangles, but now that image is gone, and not sure what it was saying. or trying to say. The image touched me, So what do you know?

larry in Texas

-- Larry DeSha (ldesha@cox.net), September 08, 2003.

I like the Titanic movie and if it was up to me i would be in it myself. I love Camerons work on Titanic, I mean it won 11 academy awards. It's also the most expensive movie yet.

-- Jayare (PrinznWaiting@yahoo.com), December 24, 2003.

Cameron did an excellent job in the movie, every dime that was spent in that movie was worth every penny.

-- Joseph Howard Callihoo (pezhead123@hotmail.com), January 01, 2004.

I read somewhere that the neckalace had been sold to a private collector and that a real sahphire neckalace was made for the theme song music video for Celine Dion and that was also sold.

-- Rachel (wilddraw@aol.com), March 28, 2004.

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