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When I registered the first time, when I tried to register for 401 I got the sign-up for 98. Same thing now, when I go to 401 and click on "register" I get a page that tells me I'm registering for 98. What do I do? Also, I turned posted an assignment that was shown on the old site--were those assignments from the previous class so that I still need to get an assignment for the first session of 401?

Thanks, Leigh

-- Leigh Gaitskill (, February 16, 1998


Hi Leigh, The new site links should be working okay. I double checked them after reading your message. Anything can happen at the old site because I've been revising, swapping, deleting, etc. The only reason I'm leaving it up for a few days is to give students from the last class a chance to finish things up on the Fiction 98 posting boards. The first couple assignments will have a few modifications. The later assignments may have major revisions. You'll should be able to use the work you've already done. Sorry for the confusion -- you came in right in the middle of the change-over. If you need to get back to the board, the address is:

By the way, you did a nice job with the assignment. I think you're the first to slip in a description of Bill's friend/narrator: nice touch. :-)

-- Bob Hembree (, February 16, 1998.

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