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What is the meaning of scene #88 in the script? Why does Rose suddenly leave Jack?

-- Jennifer (, February 15, 1998


Response to Meaning of scene #88

Because she is engaged to another man. Because she knows she shouldn't be there, that close to Jack. Because she is trying to do the 'right' thing.

-- Linda (, February 16, 1998.

Response to Meaning of scene #88

In the script, when Jack asks her what does she wish for and she answers: "something I can't have." I think that means she wants to go with him and explore the world but she knows it's not possible.

-- Rose (, February 16, 1998.

i'm not exactly sure i know what scene you are talking about but if it is(the one where they are in the gym?) then i think that rose really likes jack. but, she is engaged and if she stayed there and talked to jack, she would fall even more in love with him making it harder for her to leave him(which she knew she would have to do when the boat docked)plus she had just had that talk with her mother about the money problem they were having and she decided to follow her head instead of her heart.

-- melissa (, April 04, 1998.

In this scene I believe that "Rose" is faced with the decision that she really cares for "Jack" but she feels that it her responsiblity to marry "Cal". She is engaged and if she gives all this up to be with "Jack" her mother will be left with nothing. Her family will no longer be able to sustain the class that they are in. She feels that it her duty to turn her back on her own feelings.

-- Victoria (, February 14, 1999.

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