Jim Cameron!! {How to get in touch?}

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I have a question, how can we make ourselves heard? I mean, we have these great ideas and it's very unlikely that Jim Cameron has ever been on this site. It would be great if we can let him know we like some scenes that were cut and ask him to include them in the director's cut. Please help!!!!

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 15, 1998


Response to Jim Cameron!!

Rose, I posted his snailmail address under a different thread (Email...), and I'm a firm believer that Cameron assistants will pass onto him or the appropriate person anything intelligent and interesting.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregori@pacbell.net), February 16, 1998.

I'm looking for a Jim Cameron who was Sports Director for the Boulevard Club in Toronto Canada. Jim is an entertainer in the Florida area and we would like to use Jim in Boulevards 100 Anniversary.He's a fun chap and will bring back many fond memories

-- Charles Leggatt (ve3cfl@rac.ca), April 21, 2004.

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