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For those who have read the script, did you realize that when Rose said "Is this in any way unclear?" to Cal in the script (the scene was not filmed, it was supposed to be when Cal sees Rose on the Carpanthia) that that was the same thing Cal said to Rose after he knocked over the table and was telling her she had to obey him. I have that version of the script, and it is also under the thread "the movie itself", under "Rose's mom". I thought this was a very strange coincidence --- a "look who's in control now" kind of thing.

-- Natalie (, February 15, 1998


Yeah, that's what it was but I think her ignoring him was better. It just didn't sit right to have her confront him like that, you know? Cameron was right to change it. =)

-- Dave Phillips (, February 18, 1998.

I also think a confrontation on the Carpathian between Rose and Cal would have been wrong. Especially since he knew she had the Heart of the Ocean in her pocket. I think Cameron cut it, because he couldn't justify Cal not trying to get back the jewel. Also, if Rose became an actress, how is it that her mother didn't discover that she was still alive? Perhaps she was just a bit pla

-- Carla Rieger (, February 20, 1998.

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