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I am kind of confused after reading the comments here that states rose died warm in bed like Jack said at the end of the movie. To me, she is just sleeping in there.

-- april cheng (, February 15, 1998


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She die. It suggests it in the script, Jack says it, and The people that are standing by the grand staicase at the end? All people who died. You didn't see Molly Brown there, did you? Or Ismay? And it was mostly men.

-- Natalie (, February 15, 1998.

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The beauty of this movie is that Cameron leaves the end open to interpretations. Atheists will consider she was dreaming, believers that she died and her soul was plundging down to Titanic in search for Jack and the others who died. I for one, believe she died. Even the script mentions that Rose "had a dream...or something".

-- Dan Draghici (, February 15, 1998.

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Rose is definately dead. She kept her promise to Jack to survive, have babies, and die an old women warm in her bed. And I believe she knew she was going to die. That's why she threw the diamond in the ocean. At the end when Her and Jack meet at the clock, the people who are there are the people who died... the Captain, Tommy Ryan, J.J. Astor. Also the time on the clock is the time the Titanic sank...2:20.

-- Jennifer Williford (, February 15, 1998.


THat is cool. I never noticed the time on the clock. I will look for that when I go to see it again! :)

-- Laura Pliner (, February 17, 1998.

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I think she died. She was almost 101 years old.

-- Sally Patterson (, February 15, 1998.

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I think Rose died, although I thought I saw her right eye blink slightly when the camera panned to her face after showing the photos. The fade to white (the dome) with the camera tilting up would seem to indicate transcendence. I suppose we could speculate that Rose woke up the next morning, boarded the helicopter, flew home and had a heart attack a year later while working at her pottery wheel, but would this be a more emotionally satisfying end?

-- Dan Dalton (, February 16, 1998.

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as a romantic sucker, I'd like to think she was just asleep and dreamt the ending as kind of a coming together for everyone who'd been on the ship; especially since she'd never told anyone this story it was probably a kind of a healing process for her to tell the story from her point of view after all of the years keeping it inside

-- Karen Pressley (, February 17, 1998.

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We seem to have two identical threads on this topic; is there a way to unify them? I posted an answer to one before I realised this was the case.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, February 18, 1998.

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I do believe Rose died in the end . Going out to the deck to drop the Heart of the Ocean to me symbolized closure for her. She had kept her promise and in telling her story and revealing Jacks , it was perhaps time for her to rest and go to be with him . When she looks up from to the starry sky there is almost an expression of it is time . Perhaps I'am just a hopeless romantic but it would be only fitting .

-- Reginald Wilfred Schofield (, February 21, 1998.

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This question continues to haunt me. The theme song "My Heart Will Go On" mentions communicating with a loved one in one's dreams. Is this what it is referring to? In this case, I would feel that it is a very sad ending, in that Rose dreams of Jack every night, and will never realize closure. My immediate reaction which brought tears to my eyes was that Rose had lived a full life, and that she died and "ascended" into the after life , as proven when her spirit came through the door with the doorman in a posture almost saying "We've been expecting you!". Also, the ovation received from all of the victims was congradulatory. Ignore any references in the song, and must conclude that she is reunited with Jack for all eternity!

-- Tom L. (, April 05, 1998.

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