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What are some wbsites that you can download stuff from? I have real player, wav, real audio, etc. I am especially looking for clips from the movie. My friend and I have made our own remix of the celine dion song using stuff that we downloaded, but we want more!

-- Natalie (, February 14, 1998


You would be able to find about 6 movie clips from Titanic's official website:

-- april cheng (, February 15, 1998.

HEll i do not know find it your own damn self.

-- Brandon C. Mathis (, July 14, 1999.


Either say something helpful for this world, because we certainly don't need people like you hanging around, or get off this site and don't come back unless you have something sensible to say. Sorry about that, Natalie - hope you found what you needed.

-- (, July 14, 1999.

you can go to a search engine and type in downloads or MP3 downloads and a bunch of sites will come up where you can find what your looking for

-- Brandon not Mathis! (, December 11, 1999.

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