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Just saw the Fox special. In the interview with Mr. Cameron he said something like " Whe had to edit certain sceens , or the movie would have been a 16 hr. movie. Well for all I care he could have left everything inn! I still would have watched it. For one it would have saved me alot of money, (not repaying to watch it) and two, because when I see it I always want more.... What do you guy's think


-- jesse fontes (, February 14, 1998


I do believe that Cameron said that the movie would have been 6 hours long if they had all of the spoken lines in it.

-- Jennifer (, February 14, 1998.

Thanks for your answer jenny, but I vidotaped the special, (and as I was getting ready to stand correct it, That particular piece of tape in question was played) and after rewinding it 2 times, it still sounded like 16 hrs. to me. But anyway 16 or 6 hrs. 3 hrs 15 min. Whas not enough to me.........


-- jesse fontes (, February 14, 1998.

Jesse, I agree with Jennifer. I also recorded the special on Titanic and Cameron said it would have been six hours long. I think you need to check your tape again! Sorry. I think the movie would have been the bomb even if it was six or sixteen hours long!

-- Kimberlee (, February 16, 1998.

I heard 16, definately. Anyway, I think 6 or 16 would've been too long for the theaters, but I sure hope they release a longer less edited or unedited version on video. Then, the people who want to see it will have the opportunity to do so!

-- Becky Gordon (, February 17, 1998.

It was definitely SIXTEEN. I have televised captioning, and it said sixteen. N.E.wayZ, I still would have watched it. I heard that a director's cut of the movie is coming out, so the sixteen hour one will be out. Anyone care to elaborate on that?

-- Elaine Castillo (, April 09, 1998.

Hey Elaine.... Thank god for closed caption.......


-- jesse fontes (, April 12, 1998.

I believe I heard that the directors cut would have about 20 minutes additional footage from the original. That, to me , would be good depending on what it would include (being an old time Titanic nut). You could make a 16 hr movie out of this event for sure! The material is there, but I don't think that the general public would sit through it. If you want to spend countless hours on the subject of the Titanic, just start reading everything that is out there on the grand old girl, and your 16 hours, and then some, will be filled!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, April 13, 1998.

If it would have been 16 hours straight it would have been the bomb.Uh,oh got to go , captains orders.

-- Brock Angelle Thibodeaux (, June 05, 1998.

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