Going up? {Box office from week to week}

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The week's comming to an end. Last week, the gross was 23.7 million dollars. With the announcement of the Oscars, do you think it's gonna go up this week? And will it jump from third to first eventually?

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 14, 1998


Response to Going up?

I just watched the VH1 countdown, and the song went from 3rd to 1st!!

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 14, 1998.

I predict $18-21 million for this weekend. If it's more, even better.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@ccs.carleton.ca), February 15, 1998.

Dan: I think that the take will be higher than you mentioned. After all, it was Valentine's Day weekend!! My husband (3rd viewing) and younger son (4th) and I (5th) went to see it on Saturday afternoon at a 1:00 showing and it was nearly sold out. And there were many couples there. It was the most crowded viewing that I've attended so far. And I can only imagine that later shows were as or more crowded and probably sold out.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), February 15, 1998.

It may have agood week this coming week as it is school vacation in many areas. Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), February 15, 1998.

wknd1. 28.6 wk1. 28.6 t1. 28.6 wknd2. 44.2 wk2. 60.0 t2. 88.6 wknd3. 33.3 wk3. 68.9 t3. 157.5 wknd4. 28.7 wk4. 40.4 t4. 197.9 wknd5. 36.0 wk5. 44.8 t5. 242.7 wknd6. 25.2 wk6. 31.9 t6. 274.6 wknd7. 25.9 wk7. 33.5 t7. 308.1 wknd8. 23.2 wk8. 29.4 t8. 337.5 wknd9. 27.5 wk9. 33.4 t9. 370.9

Total abroad: $400 million when the domestic was $350 million.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@ccs.carleton.ca), February 17, 1998.

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