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Well, I'm very impressed with this site. Well done, with excellent layout, graphics, etc., on one of my favorite railroads. Only question I have: How the heck do I join? Haven't been able to locate a signup page.

Marv Clemons, Birmingham, Alabama (former CoGa operator @Woodlawn Jct., Alabama)

-- Marvin Clemons (, February 14, 1998



Ron Wright deserves all the credit for this wonderful web site. He is leading the effort to make the CGRHS an organization that we all can be proud of. We've just recently mailed out our current newsletter. If you will e-mail either me or Ron with your mailing address, we'll be sure that you get a copy, along with membership information. My e-mail address is: Ron Wright's e-mail address is:

-- Allen Tuten (, February 14, 1998.

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