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The Fox special presentation on Titanic was great!! I had it on video. If anyone's intrested in getting a copy, let me know. It is free except for the cost of the tape and shipping charges.

-- Rose (, February 13, 1998


Response to Copies...

Your offer is very generous Rose, but here are two very important words for you: copyright and infringement.

-- Dan Dalton (, February 14, 1998.

Response to Copies...

Silly me. That didn't even entered my mind. Thanks.

-- Colleen (, February 14, 1998.

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I'm sure Fox will repeat this at some point. I was very impressed with it and have taped it without the commercials. It really showed the passion that James Cameron had for making sure this film was done as right as it could be done. The interviews with the three ladies who survived (all since gone, I believe) were exceptional, especially the one at the end. That one got to me and I have seen it before. If the folks out there that have just seen the film and have not researched the actual event have seen this special, I think they will now be chomping at the bit to find out more about the history of this ship.

-- Peter Nivling (, February 14, 1998.

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Yes, Peter. It also stuck with me her head bowed down after she said: "We could not take any more souls in our boat...We were 65-70...So we rowed away, as far as we could." And she felt kinda bad...

-- Dan Draghici (, February 14, 1998.

Response to Copies...

Just finished watching the show here in San Francisco. Good show! I missed the first 10 minutes though! I'll try and find out via Mr. Showbiz what I missed, but if anyone can post it here I'd appreciate it. I'm wondering if during that time they showed the flying scene and/or anything that didn't make it to the final version.

-- Bob Gregorio (, February 14, 1998.

Response to Copies...

Bob: They showed the flying scene several times during the whole show but I don't believe you missed too much of the out takes. I thought the whole thing was very well done.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, February 14, 1998.

As you probably know, the show followed a kind-of chronological order. The mission to the Titanic (on the bottom of the ocean) was discussed with some really good footage that they didn't include in the final cut.

-- Rose (, February 15, 1998.

Copying videos and trading videos is going on all over the internet. I'm sure Fox television isn't going to waste their time checking every bulletin board for copyright infringers. Besides, I'm sure Rose isn't charging for these other than for postage and tape costs.

-- vh rocks (, March 04, 1998.

Ostensibly, Fox is going to re-air this show on March 24. Check your local listings!


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, March 05, 1998.

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