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  • The Finley Page - Lot's of not too positive info about AOL. Lawsuit Against AOL and more ... Find out why he says, " Their marketing practices are disgusting. Their software is poorly constructed. Their billing system is, by anyone's definition, fraudulent, and their policies of censorship are vile. Over three-thousand of their members are under investigation by the FBI for trading child pornography."
  • Why AOL Sucks - by James Egelhof.
    "AOL provides the worst Internet access available in the country, and charges massively for it. AOL's profits depend on pacifying its user base and quelling dissent and debate, so it enforces a heavily restrictive user agreement against its customers. It threatens litigation against those who would criticize the service, and similarly tries to intimidate the Internet providers who sell access to critics. Its software is slow, unreliable, bulky, and inadequate."

    -- aol (Webmaster@aol.com), February 13, 1998
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    See also, The "Unofficial" AOL

    -- richard (zpub@sirius.com), February 16, 1998.

    i would like to say ur absolutely right, i was a aol user for 7 months. it wasn't that bad until last july. i kept trying to download files off aol, and i kept getitng kicked off for no reason. the message said "hardware driver not accepting data" WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?] i am used to doing everything myself with no help, but for 2 weeks i was gettin kicked off before i was even on, before the annoying sound "you've got mail". befoe the welcome munu even showed! so i called tech support, which wasn't that bad i gotta say (with a toll free number). I kept calling, and calling, and calling and calling for abouit 15 times literally. they checked and rechecked. finally they gave up and said my software was corrupt. so it took them 2 WEEKS to send me a new cd. i reinstalled the software, they told me to uninstall my old aol and delete all the folders- i did. then i installed the new cd, well i lost access to my home page. it was on the net, and in my place but i couldn't access it or edit it, just delete it. so i did and amde a new 1. i have norton antivirus and iot hasd live updated over the modem. they have features like modem, internet and manual. i always just used the modem, no internet needed, it just took the info from a server in oregon, charged me long distance, like $1, so i ddin't care. u can't be too carefull with viruses on aol! i learned that the hard way later. well, once i tried to do it from the net, since it was gonna be free and i wanted to try something new. well, i tried, and failed, and failed again. opk, so i gave up. forget tghe net, ill do it the old fashioned way , right? WRONG. now that method didn't work either. so ic alled aol help again, they were basiaclly very rude becuase they that i had called them before, and were no help. so i had to do it manually, which takes much more time and boring. but hey- i had to. after i unistalled the software, norton still didn't work the way i wanted!!! oh, and sdid i foregt to mention that whiel all this was happening i still kept gettin kicked off almost every time i got on? from july to when I FINALLY CANCELLED IT!!! they asked me y, i told them my problems, so they started giving me all this shit like u have no right to cancel and stuff!!!! and they charged me on the credit card! so i told the credit card not to pay them anymore, they called me almost every day asking if i would come back- nope, sorry. then they sent me a letter luring me to come back for another month free! but im not stupid, i didn't fall for it. they kept sending me letters, and finally they cancelled my account. that's my story. after the aol horror i went to msn. it;'s intergrated with my comp, uses the top technology, it's integrated with my win95 and other applucations- all the applications & programs that i have. and after about a month on msn - listen to this I STILL GOT AN AOL VIRUS!!!! A PASSWORD STEALER TROJAN!!! IT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO MY COMP but i still had to delete some important filea, to this day i can't get them back, but the comp still seems to be working fine.

    -- Alex (vorlon21@email.msn.com), February 20, 1998.

    I use to have Aol but when we got a $400 aol bill just for a month or so we became enemies since so i am seeking my revenge on those fucking bastards!!!!!!!

    -- Jackal OF Death (bgalligan@hotmail.com), March 13, 1998.

    This is my horror story. One little known fact about aol is that there are alot of members that make via copy and paste a visual basics program that is usefull in some ways on aol but one feature is they have what they call tossers in them, what these tossers do is the send a instant message to aol with a very convencing phrase stating that you solicited their password over a instant message, this happened to me, when i tried to sign online i got a rude surprise aol had changed all my passwords and i had to call their retarded Community Action Team (C.A.T.) their responce was "We checked the validity of the accusation and found it to be true","If we get anymore complaints like this we will terminate your account." Their way of checking to see if you did this was to see if my account was signed on at the time. thats all. So i did a little research and have come up with a way to do this so that you do not have to use a program. it works quite well and if I have my way I am going to use every resource available to me to reak havok on aol (Be forwarned if you have an AOL account and are online you may not be for long) i personnally cancel 30+ accounts daily using this method and i believe eventually i will have to modify this because so many people will complain to AOL that their method of verifying these things is the most inept way of doing things anyone with half a brain has ever seen please visit my web page at http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/fkinkiller/index.html I belive you would be greatly pleased

    -- anthony mclaughlin (Gime1kisss@aol.com), March 17, 1998.

    This thing suck!!because it suck's , i just now tryed to get my mail and it said the mail is not currintly in use at the time. What kind of bullshit is that. another thing, i signed on ang the sys. said sys down .. now i no that if i use netscape this willnot happen>>!>!>!>@@@ peace out the man>>

    -- martin izzo (man12dan@aol.com), March 24, 1998.

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    -- richard (zpub@sirius.com), March 25, 1998.

    I was very new to computers, and the internet was fictacious to me but, did AOL ever wake me up? My very first internet server was aol and when I ordered I explained to them that I was new at the game. After discovering that I didn't have an access# in my area they I stumbled across the 800#. So pinch me if I missed something here but aren't 800#'s suppose to be free? I wasn't aware of the charges untill I was sent a message by AOL after my bill was way over $600. Is that a rip off or what? Why does AOL only offer local access to some areas and try to rip off the ones that aren't local. After dealing with other internet servers, I've never been in that situation again. whenever I ordered service, they always asked where I lived to make sure I had a local# and if I didn't, they would say that it was against their policy to sell to anyone who didn't have local access. Seems to me that AOL is ripping people off intentionally. What do you think?

    -- Lora Dial (ldial@bellsouth.net), April 02, 1998.

    I have a story that I hope you're interested in. I haven't had any luck resolving this problem. I am in the process of canceling America Online, and in a few days, I'll no longer carry them as my server. They just ripped me off for over $500. I know that it's a good service, but you won't believe what they did. I looked up my billing statement, and found a charge for over $500. I knew this was a mistake, so I called their billing department to get it straight. The first representative told me that I chose the $9.95 per month plan that charged a rate of 5 cents per minute. I know the plan that I subscribed was the $19.95 per month with unlimited service. I couldn't accept her decision, so I asked to speak to her supervisor. A man named Dave Ray answered the phone, and immediately asked me what my problem was in a severe tone of voice. As I was explaining the situation to him, he cut me off, and started reading this legal mumbo-jumbo that I accepted at the start up screen, when I first signed on with AOL. He kept saying that I chose that plan, and the bill is my responsibility. He also said that if I have any complaints I should contact their legal department. He even asked several times in a severe tone of voice if I would like to cancel the service. After our conversation ended, I proceeded to look for a customer relations department, but to no avail. They don't even have one! After hours of searching, and making long distance calls, I found a complaint hotline. I expected to hear from a friendly voice, but instead I got a lady telling me that it was still my responsibility. I tried to explain to her that I never authorized the billing change, and there must be an error in their system, but she stuck firm to her position. She said that the only thing that she could do for me was to reduce the bill to $175, if I pressed the matter no further. She also had a cocky tone in her voice. I know that AOL is pretty cool when it's not messing up, but people need to know who they're dealing with. These people have our credit card numbers, and they're prone to do anything. From what I understand by talking to one of the representatives, this is an ongoing problem, and many people have this experience. As for me, I can't have crooks like this knowing my credit card number. There's no telling what they will do next.

    -- Joseph Kevin Bettevy (JBettevy@aol.com), April 03, 1998.


    -- K.D. (I_70113_71317@AOL.COM), April 16, 1998.

    alot of aol members dont know how easy it is to hack aol and use other members credit cards for thier own benifit. Aol thinks they have the best security they think Online CHRIS is unhackable Bwahahahahaha they are wrong many people with some knowledge can do it so they made a Online CHRIS2 HaR HaR now thats a joke with Online CHRIS2 you still able to get personal info on other members with a click of a button or two well thats all i gots to say i hope you can inform people about the danger of this service and have it shut down BoBbY

    -- Daniel McQuay (KtihKanan1@prodigy.net), April 21, 1998.

    I used 2 love AOL untill some homo motor 22 tossed me with some prog thing he said and i never had a 1st warning or asnything then i ewas kicked off and can't get it fixed and i'm mad

    -- Sean"FiRy" micheal lucifer corcoran (acid4201@aol.com), May 02, 1998.

    America online sucks. I am glad you post that so the internet may know the truth! Visit the center of the internet at: http://aik.cjb.net

    -- Alex Kroychik (aik3@hotmail.com), May 20, 1998.

    AOL Sucks, Part 1 Aol Sucks, there horrible service, constant busy lines, and poor tech support are just a few of the things that's bad about them. AOL Charges $22 a month for unlimited use yet it only cost them $10 per person. AOL is constantly losing customers (over a million a month) but they grow larger because of the how much money they spend on advertising. For every new subscriber AOL spends an average of $60 to get and they just put that load on the users by upping the unlimited use fee. AOL average at least one nationwide blackout a month the only difference between them and the Titanic is that the Titanic only went down once. Constantly AOL freezes and I have to wait for 5 minutes for it to unfreeze or reset my computer. AOL is the king of spam mail with the average person getting up to 5 spam emails a day. (More if you visit chatrooms often.) I will continue the list another day. So Long!!!!

    -- An Aol Hater (airballer9@aol.com), June 12, 1998.

    Without a doubt aol is the worst internet provider out there. If you don't have an account with them already dont get one!! I'm relatively adapt at using a computer, but I will be the first to tell you I dont know all the details about certain software they use. I dont know what browser they use but it sucks and it sucks bad. You cant even surf longer than 15 minutes without the computer freezing up or crashing because of this damn thing. Its sick, really it is. I used Aol for 3 months and i heard more people complain about this problem than you can imagine. Its a joke they make millions of dollars off customers and they dont even have a system that works properly. As far as customer servive....ha ha. What a joke. These guys at Aol are like first time computer users that have no idea what to tell you except call another number. And after calling 20 different numbers they say.....I DONT KNOW. I tried to log on to Aol once and my computer sad account terminated. Well i had no idea so I called the 20 number trail only to find out that they could not tell me why the account has been canceled. And actually i was happy because the service and and overall setup sucked so bad. So i got on the computer and simply got another provider so my 20$ a month is now well spent ....I hope aol goes bancrupt, so many users use there service and have no idea how horrible it is!

    -- christopher ryder (kip@msn.com), July 07, 1998.

    Yes, AOL does indeed suck. They steal from you by charging you for services you never receive. I used about 1 hour of the "free 10 hour trial" and hated it so I never used it again. Then, I left the country for a year and came home to find that AOL had charged the monthly membership fee to my credit card for a whole year despite the fact that I NEVER used the service. Then their "customer service" people made up lies about why they could not repay what they had stolen from me. Each person I spoke to had a different highly implausible story to tell about why they wouldn't reimburse me. I tell everyone I possibly can not to use AOL and will never use any of their services again.

    -- AOLhater (swbsinc@email.msn.com), July 13, 1998.

    Listen to this hores shit. I called one day complaining because I couldn't use any of my internet programs (i.e. telnet). Also, I couldn't use real player or any streaming type files. So, I called their tech support and the guy there not only couldn't tell me how to fix the problem but he told me that Telnet was an outdated program and I shouldn't be using it anyway. Then, I called back a month later to cancel and the lady on the phone asked me to try all of these things and so I told her I wasn't interested. She said "fine" and sounded as if she were going to cry; like it was personal or something. A guilt trip for cancelling a service??? AOL SUCKS!

    -- BigAl (alanbriggs@yahoo.com), August 07, 1998.

    I purchased a scanner through the AOL store which turnned out to be defective. I returned it to them for a refund, as instructed, and have been trying to get my $300 back for the past 10 months to no avail. They wanted a copy of the original bill and a copy of the receipt for when I mailed it, I sent this and it was "lost" in their office 5 times. I have logged at least 50 phone calls, mailed 5 copies, and faxed at least 10 times and I still do not get anything but lies from them. I haved cancelled my aol account and will never do business with them again. I would also advise anyone I know to RUN, DON'T WALK from aol.

    -- Patricia Robbins (probbins1@netscape.net), August 28, 1998.

    Damn, everone is basicly rite. ive had aol since it about came out, i will admit then it was a great thing. but these so called WaReZ hackers steped in and made some progs but yet agian it was cool then something new. but since like 95? 96? there was too many programmers on aol.thats when the guides atarted being assholes to everyone.i still have aol (not same account) but it comes down to, there service sucks shit,they could do something about the progs but steve case is to layzie to get his ass out and put a end to the bull shit and have the internals/overheads chill out on all of aol's members. and if you don't have aol rite now DON'T get it! and if you do be prepared for hell honistly. its like if you don't become one of the "hackers" you will end up getting punted,sent trojan password stealers,mail bombed, ect.AOL needs to get a hint that there members are unhappy with there lame service,don't they understand, god damn! i mean come on when there internal/overhead accounts are getting cracked and the "hackers" are using there powers to fuck aol up. aol needs to get a clue it is honistly gay! -HackStoned

    -- warren (hackstrip@ten.net), September 19, 1998.

    I agree with everyone here and I think more people should be made aware of the really bad service that AOL has to offer. The Customer service line is a complete joke. I love the message when you call that says "We are experiencing an unusually high number of calls, your hold time will be 10 minutes or more". this is great because I called everyday for about 3 weeks and got the same message EVERYDAY! Is it UNUSUALLY high every day??? IT SUCKS!!

    AOl took my subscription money from my checking account and said that they didnt take it when I proved to them that I did. But they still insist that I have not paid. I DONT THINK SO!!

    No-one shoud ever join AOL.

    -- Kev (Britkev@Yahoo.com), October 22, 1998.

    Zerakiah: i asked Gerty to tamper with files and make me a host yesterday CO HostBLD: Zerakiah, Unacceptable Discussion violates CO HostBLD: the Terms of Service. Your chat has been CO HostBLD: suspended for 15 minutes. Please use that CO HostBLD: time to review Keyword: TOS.

    -- S. Jones (SarieQ@aol.com), October 27, 1998.

    Read the following and look how Hosts are able to change what they say. Zerakiah quotes a Host while taking to another member.

    Zerakiah: "Zerakiah, host harrassment is a violation of AOL's Terms of Service." Doc asks Zerakiah a question. CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...are you impersonating a host Zerakiah and his friend answer Doc. IcaMikeQ: he was quoting a host. Not impersonating one. Zerakiah: you needed a "?" there, Doc Doc then changes what he said. CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...no I was making a statement IcaMikeQ then backs up Zerakiah. IcaMikeQ: a statement that began with "are you?" Zerakiah: Then you shouldn't have begun it with "Are you" CoHostWolf then assists Doc in changing the past, and perpituating a lie. COHostWolf: CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...you are impersonating a host Zerakiah then is appaled at how Hosts can change what they said and responds. Zerakiah: Yes! Chabge the past and make us believe it! Zerakiah: burn the evidence! Zerakiah: Memeroy hole! quick! Zerakiah is then wrongfully TOSed by Doc and his accomplice, CoHostWolf, for asserting that he did not say what they are saying he said.

    In the outrage about the lie that Doc and Wolf perpetuated and TOSed a member for, two more members are TOSed. One for calling DOc and WOlf on the TOS: JaineDeaux: ::screams:: what was that??? JaineDeaux: that was not room disruption JaineDeaux: but I'll shut up now CO HostDoc: JaineDeaux, Room Disruption violates AOL'S Terms of Service. CO HostDoc: Your chat has been suspended 15 minutes. CO HostDoc: Please use that time to review KEYWORD: TOS. 1:04 AM ET 10/20/98

    K TheJoker then says that he is going to write CO CHat about this and Doc confuses his statement and talks to IcaMikeQ as if he said it. K TheJoker: <---copying and pasting text to CO Chat first CO HostDoc: IcaMikeQ...please do...because I plan on it immediately IcaMikeQ: huh Doc?

    IcaMIkeQ and K TheJoker leave the conversation about the TOSes and start to talk to eachother. A member Frig, then asks a question. Figrin5436: who's Judas Doc answers. CO HostDoc: Figrin...Ica...aka Neth..etc. etc. etc. IcaMikeQ responds. IcaMikeQ: wow Doc, you're quick...figured me out Doc then responds in a hostile, suggestive, unwarranted manner to IcaMikeQ. CO HostDoc: IcaMikeQ...didn't have to figure "you" out Doc does not know IcaMikeQ but makes statements about him that he doesn't back up. K TheJoker get's annoyed and tells DOc to stop talking about IcaMIkeQ in a derogatory manner and is TOSed for it. K TheJoker: Doc, quit acting like you know what you're talking about CO HostDoc: K TheJoker, Room Disruption violates AOL'S Terms of Service. CO HostDoc: Your chat has been suspended 15 minutes. CO HostDoc: Please use that time to review KEYWORD: TOS. 1:09 AM ET 10/20/98

    Below is a log of the whole incident. If you look into your LOGS, the incident will be exactly as you see it below. I suggest you do and take due action against Doc and Wolf Thank you, SarieQ

    Zerakiah: "Zerakiah, host harrassment is a violation of AOL's Terms of Service." K TheJoker: easily confused IcaMikeQ: haha JaineDeaux: i don't think we're alike IcaMikeQ: in some ways you are K TheJoker: One time someone thought I was Ruthy IcaMikeQ: haha JaineDeaux: lol K TheJoker: I was like "I'm Kyle" and they're like "haha good one Ruthy" JaineDeaux: maybe they were trying to tell you that you're effeminate, kyle K TheJoker: No! Ruthy is a man. K TheJoker: We've determined this. CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...are you impersonating a host JaineDeaux: lol IcaMikeQ: lol K TheJoker: haha Zerakiah: lol JaineDeaux: yes... yes he is IcaMikeQ: he was quoting a host. Not impersonating one. Zerakiah: you needed a "?" there, Doc JaineDeaux: "get him! get him!" ::snickers:: M Dove14: CO-lol know what I think is funny? CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...no I was making a statement JaineDeaux: you are IcaMikeQ: a statement that began with "are you?" Zerakiah: Then you shouldn't have begun it with "Are you" M Dove14: rulz are no impersonating...but the host app. says "have you ever acted like a host and is COHostWolf: CO HostDoc: Zerakiah...you are impersonating a host JaineDeaux: sentence structure is very important SNLCole: this is a shame I might have to report someone M Dove14: there anyone to recomend you?" M Dove14: hehe Zerakiah: Yes! Chabge the past and make us believe it! IcaMikeQ: lol IcaMikeQ: Very good Big Wally Zerakiah: burn the evidence! JaineDeaux: All hail Big Brother!! K TheJoker: I wish someone had shot Orwell over in India. Zerakiah: Memeroy hole! quick! JaineDeaux: 2+2=5 CO HostDoc: Zerakiah, Room Disruption violates AOL'S Terms of Service. JaineDeaux: always CO HostDoc: Your chat has been suspended 15 minutes. CO HostDoc: Please use that time to review KEYWORD: TOS. 1:04 AM ET 10/20/98 JaineDeaux: remember that K TheJoker: Lousy fear of power. IcaMikeQ: lol K TheJoker: Oh my gosh haha M Dove14: lol JaineDeaux: ::screams:: what was that??? JaineDeaux: that was not room disruption IcaMikeQ: quiet Jainey JaineDeaux: but I'll shut up now K TheJoker: Adam will be irritable soon CO HostDoc: JaineDeaux, Room Disruption violates AOL'S Terms of Service. CO HostDoc: Your chat has been suspended 15 minutes. CO HostDoc: Please use that time to review KEYWORD: TOS. 1:04 AM ET 10/20/98 K TheJoker: Aww Karategal3: wow M Dove14: lol...awww poor Lexi IcaMikeQ: i'm next i suppose. GodzThundr: hey DOOOOOOOCCCCCCC :) K TheJoker: Shall we, Judas? OnlineHost: JaineDeaux has left the room. M Dove14: yeah you may as well all go together M Dove14: lol CO HostDoc: hello Godz...how ya doing? SNLCole: whoa a lot of people getting it tonight K TheJoker: <---copying and pasting text to CO Chat first CO HostDoc: K TheJoker...no more please

    K TheJoker: I get Suspension and leave now I think IcaMikeQ: i talk to Jan GodzThundr: wolf you woulf probably know that you hippie IcaMikeQ: She thinks i manipulate Adam COHostWolf: hippie??? IcaMikeQ: she also thinks i'm an adult pretending to be a teen CO HostDoc: IcaMikeQ...please do...because I plan on it immediately K TheJoker: ....you manipulate each other, I think COHostWolf: hippie?? IcaMikeQ: huh Doc? SNLCole: Lakey I just had someone tell me something I am not GodzThundr: hippie K TheJoker: Sometimes I think you're an adult pretending to be a teen, Judas Lakey18: Cole? K TheJoker: other times I think you're a very little kid pretending to be a teen COHostWolf: bum, yes, hippie rofl IcaMikeQ: haha i manic depressive GodzThundr: I wonder, is a jumping hippie called a hip hopper? K TheJoker: a very little 300 pound kid SNLCole: someone told me I am not straight IcaMikeQ: haha Figrin5436: who's Judas Lakey18: Oh... K TheJoker: Be quiet Fig CO HostDoc: Figrin...Ica...aka Neth..etc. etc. etc. Figrin5436: ok IcaMikeQ: wow Doc, you're quick...figured me out Figrin5436: thanks Doc SNLCole: I might have to report someone soon K TheJoker: Sherlock Holmes he be. CO HostDoc: IcaMikeQ...didn't have to figure "you" out COHostWolf: SNL...you know where, right? K TheJoker: Doc, quit acting like you know what you're talking about CO HostDoc: K TheJoker, Room Disruption violates AOL'S Terms of Service. CO HostDoc: Your chat has been suspended 15 minutes. CO HostDoc: Please use that time to review KEYWORD: TOS. 1:09 AM ET 10/20/98

    -- S. Jones (SarieQ@aol.com), October 27, 1998.

    Hello....Ive been an aol user for some time now. I havent had much trouble with them until recently. Here is why....

    About the 20th of October I noticed my attatched files in mail were being deleted. It would not have been unusual because aol deletes attatched files in mail 27 days from when they were first uploaded....but these files were a day old.

    I called aol and told them about this....they said they were updating thier mail server and it will be fixed in a month. A month went by and I still had the problem. Then I heard from reliable sources that aol started something called a Spyder Msf mail killer that deletes attatched files a mere day or two after they were first uploaded. Yet....they still advertise that thier files stay good for 27 days!

    Its becoming a real problem for those who arent familiar with it and dont know that there is a secret mail killer which aol IS NOT TELLING ANYONE ABOUT.

    -- TheMezz (Tsurius@hotmail.com), December 07, 1998.

    One advice to everybody. If you are thinking about signing up with AOL, "DON'T DO IT!" E-mail spam is just as bad as ever. You will get unwanted e-mail and they may have an unlimted plan but when I think of an unlimited plan I think of freedom. There is no freedom with AOL. You still got that annoying message that pops up every 45 min. asking you if you still want to stay on line. When you are writeing a long E-mail you get another message popping up every few min. asking if you still want to stay on line Completely different message from the message that pops up every 45min. Their browser is still crappy. I don't ever use it. I run other software browser off of AOL. I don't care much for their chat rooms either. So I will run MIRC. but those annoying pop up signs asking if you want to stay on the computer is completely nuts! If that is not bad enough. Oh I have a horror story to tell you on the canceling part. You have NO FREEDOM to cancel. I literally mean that. I have went to an ISP now. I am so glad to be back with a ISP. BUT!, I still got the AOL problem. I been trying to cancel them out for weeks and they will not let me. They give me the run around. First I called and told them I wanted to cancel of course they are going to ask why. Now I got to come up an excuse. A excuse they will completely have an answer to of course. so I said There is to much junk mail and I disliked those 45 min signs popping up asking me if I want to stay on line any longer. Answer: Well, we have a nice E-mail blocking program and bla bla she telling me how to use it and such bla bla while you can't get word in edge wise problem solve and off she goes.. What? hello what happen here did she think she actually solve my problem I don't think so. Hello good god she hung up! another week goes by. Tonight I called. A guy answers tell my name bla bla stuff and I told him I want to cancel. Why he ask? Cause I am going to be on the road for a while and I need to get this service canceled he even asked how long I was going to be gone ( How nosey ) Any where 8 to 10 months of course and I don't need to be paying a bill if I am not using it. Well, Slick dicky slip this one by me. "hey by the way he says you still can use the service until 31 why cancel for service that you paid for okay. Call back later or some sorted detail he said then gone! what da crap was that! Another trick? I don't care if I had 20 days left of the service it wouldn't matter any how. and there went another NONFRIENDLY CUSTMERSERVICE REP what ever you called them JERKING MY CHAIN. Their whole idea is to keep talking on how they figure your problem out and all of the sudden when you pause hey problem fixed and a quicky off the phone. This is a poor way to treat people and no one no one should ever be treated this way. You have the rights to cancel in club memberships, long distance phone companies, and Internet accesses,exc. You should never feel presured into taking a service that you don't want and that is exactly what AOL is doing. My only best advice is if you are still trying to get out of AOL's raffs start looking up the Business Bureau in AOL's area and start fileing how they run their business and treat their customers and contact who ever in gods name that puts fair acts into business to stop this practice that they do....... part one to my soga. Part 2 will only come if I can ever get them JERKS CANCELED

    -- TLFRY (Teresa@webzonation.com), December 09, 1998.

    I just was reported to AOL for saying that the "Government is fucked up" in a reply on the message boards.Has AOL read the papers? What happened to freedom of speech? I'm just a little upset with the BIG BROTHER rountine. I get in trouble for a four letter word, but yet they can keep those filthy dirty newsgroups on the air like alt.sex.whateveryouwant. Some one help me understand?

    -- Steven H. Schroeder (steve812@aol.com), December 21, 1998.

    We quit AOL and even though we quit we still got bills and now we can not afford to buy the box of cerel that I we wanted to eat. We still have not gotten the stains of AOLness off my computer.

    -- Noah Thompson (superpack@earthlink.net), December 24, 1998.

    I am NOT with AOL but have alot of friends with them and I can't sent pictures they can't open any homepages... is there some programs that I can use for me .. they are new to the internet and if I can work on my end it would be better. thank you ,Pauline

    -- Pauline (paulinet@n-jcenter.com), December 27, 1998.

    why in the hell do they put a 54 minute timer on us??its hard for us to surf before we can respond back!!How irritating..Any solutions to this problem???4-EVER--

    -- lisa hunter (www.Leeysa12@aol.com), January 20, 1999.

    As i can see there are so many complaints about assholes online, check this people you do`nt need aol chat to talk to people, there are plenty of chat programs out there on net like this one, from excite go to http://www.excite.com and get the chat program, and go to http://www.aol.com to download the aol instant messenger, it`s free there are no fees to get it stay in touch with your friends that are online with aol you can have it on any internet provider even on, the earthlink network earthlink members can get a free month for every, new person that subscribes to earthlink........

    -- Robin Cavicante (kf6lil@earthlink.net), January 26, 1999.

    I just made a new web page for band... http://members.xoom.com/TragedyYouth/ ...and it just so happens that all the people who are trying to look at my band's page use AOL. This is the problem, AOL downloads my page into their computers. So every time I upload new things to the site people on AOL don't see it!!! AOL shows them the old information that it saved!!! AOL CAN SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!!!

    -- Andy Hunt (fuctup71@hotmail.com), February 02, 1999.

    I think it sucks because it kicks you off for profanity and inactivity Lets say, i'm tying to download a 12 Megabyte file (BIG!!) and I try to take a dump. I come back and witness a goodbye screen. I email Steve about it and he gives me a snotty (and boringlike)email back. Plus you have to spend money on the internet to get a aol idle-kick off preventer. AOL (very expensive also at 21.95/month) sucks pure.

    -- ClintonW (Skywood4@aol.com), February 15, 1999.


    -- tee-dawg (pizan@twcny.rr.com), February 19, 1999.

    I used AOL for quite a long time and even had a site there for the old-west gunfighter group to which I belong. I wanted to add some things to the site that were not allowed in the terms of service, so I initiated a conversation with their webmasters. Too see this conversation and the strange direction that it took, you may visit my new site location.

    www.wyomerc.com Bitter Creek Outlaws Why BCO is no longer on AOL

    Jim Arner c):{

    -- Jim Arner (JArnerSr@wyoming.com), February 20, 1999.

    Well im back on AOL they have this thing called byoa bring your access,well i brung my own access which is a free internet provider and i pay aol $15 a month and but check this out theres only one access number for my area with a 323 area code thats fucked up fuck AOL ASSHOLES ONLINE.

    -- Robin Cavicante (kf6lil@juno.com), February 24, 1999.

    ok first of all STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING because half of u fucking lamers are on AOL!!!!! and i garentee none of u pussy ass mother fuckers can hack or even know what fucking REAL hacking is u probaly donwloaded some punter ( most likely a trojan ) and used it to punt kids. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!! everysingle one of u aol members is just joining the fucking band wagon, and most likely you all are like ten and dont even know what a good isp is! or what i meens! and one was braggin about he has an infinet amount of passwords, wow ..... you fucking idiot if ur gonna post that dont make ur e mail address a fucking aol one. ok instead of waisting those who actually did have severe problems with aol im gonna give one last meesage to the kids who dont tie there shoelaces and still watch BARNY ........SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO THE NICKELODEON SITE AND MASTERBATE TO BIG BIRD! cuz non of you children actually no what hacking ect is so stfu before u fond out what it is!

    (\/)e7h ........h4ck3r

    -- (\/)e7h (shltfaced@beer.com), April 16, 1999.

    READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! ok first of all STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING because half of u fucking lamers are on AOL!!!!! and i garentee none of u pussy ass mother fuckers can hack or even know what fucking REAL hacking is u probaly donwloaded some punter ( most likely a trojan ) and used it to punt kids. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!! everysingle one of u aol members is just joining the fucking band wagon, and most likely you all are like ten and dont even know what a good isp is! or what i meens! and one was braggin about he has an infinet amount of passwords, wow ..... you fucking idiot if ur gonna post that dont make ur e mail address a fucking aol one. ok instead of waisting those who actually did have severe problems with aol im gonna give one last meesage to the kids who dont tie there shoelaces and still watch BARNY ........SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO THE NICKELODEON SITE AND MASTERBATE TO BIG BIRD! cuz non of you children actually no what hacking ect is so stfu before u fond out what it is!

    (\/)e7h ........h4ck3r


    -- (\/)e7h (shltfaced@beer.com), April 16, 1999.

    fuck aol it sux ass cheek through a straw

    -- xxxx (ggg@ww.llo), June 27, 1999.

    aol SUCKS!! They're so slow and those ANNOYING idle screens( you can fix the idle screens just go to any proggie site and get some anti idles) The only reason I stay online is because all my friends are on, and the chats and groups I'm in. I read these message boards and I was horrified!!! I was wondering: Does anyone have a PWS[password stealer] (that works) that I you could send me? I need this for my friend so he can change his web restrictions. I'm not gonna steal anyone else's password just his master account's and I won't use it for anything bad. Thanks in advance

    -- Kim (Elektra700@aol.com), July 06, 1999.

    AOL needs someone to check its grammer. My children are online and my ears ring when I hear "You've GOT

    -- Bob Hoyt (C44PC@AOL.Com), July 13, 1999.

    AOL/Time Warner are involved in a lawsuit with MPAA. This lawsuit invovles censorship and regulation of the web!!! they just filed a second injunction to restrict some people from Hyperlinking...to a site that contains software that MPAA doesn't like... It's kinda complex, but in a nutshell...there's AOL, trying to censor more....BOYCOTT AOL!!!!

    -- Aicra (aicra@dmcasucks.org), April 08, 2000.

    There have been no significant changes to AOL's software since 3.0 although their 5.0 CD says new high-speed access, when I asked about it politely on their tech support, they hung up. And if you thought the PC version of AOL was bad wait till you see the Mac version, I have 5 Macs and the keywords don't work on any of them. It is at least twice as slow as the PC version and the browser window has an ugly yellow line to the right of it that has been there since 4.0 and has never been fixed. The DOJ should not even mention Microsoft untill they have completely put AOL out of bussiness.

    -- Nathan M. (dogmansat3@aol.com), July 04, 2000.

    didn't aol just buy time warner communications?

    -- yeah right (mugz@nospam.nospam.geocities.com), February 16, 2001.


    BILL TURNER 153 TANGLEWOOD DR. ALBANY, GA. 31705 229-776-7110

    -- BILL TURNER (BGT1938@HOTMAIL.COM), March 20, 2002.

    Im a New Zealander, we dont have AOL here. We have freedom of speech laws that prevent nazis like them from being dictators. Theres some sites in the US i cant reach because AOL shuts them down. Political sites whose policies they dont agree with. Im glad i dont live in America. I thought it was a democracy. If u ask me AOL are enemies of the first amendment and should be arrested for treason.

    -- Quentin Holt (Luxornz@netscape.com), March 25, 2002.

    Does anyone know how to contact people handling the class action suit against aol for charging software to credit cards even if you never order it.I would appreciate some help on this. Thank You

    -- Ray Slayton (rayslayton@hotmail.com), April 01, 2002.

    Aol really sucks because, they charge you an arm and a leg for it and you can't even stay on for 5 minutes before it cuts you off. I've been on AOL doing important things and right in the middle of it it just knocks me off and I dont know why. It's really frustrating because you cant stay on for very long and they wont give you new access numbers so you can. When you complain they don't answer you, and their service just really SUCKS!!!

    -- Christie Givens (grneyedangel2004@aol.com), April 04, 2002.

    AOL sucks!

    -- Smith (SoccerGrl15806@aol.com), May 02, 2002.

    This is an experment.. I have tried unsuccessfully, (been kicked off two times), trying to type the following comment. Being gay/lesbian is a choice it is not inherited. I read the gay pride radio junk on 9 June 2002 and submit this statement. I've had free aol for 9 months. I cancell but am given more free months. Why? Aol wants us to believe we can't live without it, we must have it. Why? So AOL can intentionally subject us to undocumented information. example the comment above. Aol makes BIG money advertising junk such as this.

    -- tom holsomback (tkback@aol.com), June 09, 2002.

    AOL is the worst internet provider I have ever had. When I first used it and tried to log off, it took 2.5 minutes to log off because it was downloading unecessary software on to my computer and automatically loading it. It screwed up my music software from downloading real player, which also sucks, and crashed my computer. When I called and asked why it was downloading things that I didn't ask for, I was told it was to help AOL run better for me. Beware, they offer you a lot of free time when they screw up, but it will come back to bite you.

    -- Nelson, K (webmaster@aol.com), June 22, 2002.

    Yes AOL sucks! Go here full a full and entertaining explanation: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cybersaur/aol_sucks.htm

    -- cybersaur (cyb3rsaur@hotmail.com), June 27, 2002.

    Hello, My name is Srinivas. I live in India, am 25 year old young guy, single. I'm Christian.

    My Postal address:

    Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao, Jillellamudi Vari Lane, Eastern Street, Eluru-534001, Andhra Pradesh-India.

    -- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (internet_boy_21@hotmail.com), July 04, 2002.

    1t sucks because you feel free to advertise stuff and say to customer to use thier current method of billing to pay for things if they order yet ihave tried maney time to order for example(a digital camera) that you often advertise and my order get refused by asking to provide credit card. i don't have a fucking credit card and i don't want one.so why aol waisting my time by all these adds??????????????? if you can't charge it to my billing account?? next aol is too slow loading and NO IT IS NOT THE COMPUTER . PAYING $ 28..+.. FOR THIS SERVICE AND MANY OTHER FLAWS WITCH I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO EXPLAIN IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH.

    -- ross.b (rosss45@aol.com), July 13, 2002.

    I recently switched to MSN and had a terrible time with them. All kinds of things started going wrong with my computer.....and when I called customer service they were rude and not at all helpful....I WENT BACK TO AOL.....at least there I get good customer srevice...they are polite....they are helpful....and even gave me extra free time when my equipment went down....And i never waited long at all to talk to someone.....All these bad comments have me baffled...And my experience with Aol has been good.Now they did mess up my account once and took out $$$$$$ when they wre not suppose to, but they immediately corrected the problem.

    -- (tamkins107@aol.com), August 12, 2002.

    aol ripped me off!

    I called and cancelled and they said fine since you have been a customer for three years we will let you keep your screen name for 60 more days and not bill you. Then after three months I get 28.90 billed to my card, it just showed up there!! I called they refused to take it off and said they could only take it off if i kept it for two more months and at that time i would have to call and cancel or be charged. I told them no and they prodeeded to argue with me. I cannot believe that they will not refund my money those digusting pigs. To top it all off today is september 11th anniversery and they have the nerve to rip me off...boy talk about poor taste. Don't ever use aol..

    -- debbie (debbied4l@aol.com), September 11, 2002.

    First of all, I hate MSN, I hate it with a passion. The only thing I really like about Microsoft is Word and IE, I hate the messanger, and the provider. Since my mom gotten MSN, we had nothing but trouble, I get kicked off every time I'm in the middle of something inportant and it doesn't like me using AOL AIM at the same time because it wants me to use MSN messenger, but I hate MSN messenger because it's crap. If I could have my way, I'd go with AOL or Cable. so cut the crap and get better service and stop kicking people off when they go to the bathroom. I hope more people join AOL then MSN, and I've used AOL I hardly have any problem like i do with MSN.

    Oh and AOL isn't the worst provider...i've seen worst such as netzero and juno, so quit dissen AOL you assfuckers.

    oh and dont e-mail me, i'll just probably delete it.

    -- Anika. (padawananika@yahoo.com), October 11, 2002.

    I my self happen to like Aol and have had no problems as of yet. Most of my highschool friends however have had many problems such as: Freezing, viruses and many more. But I am going to stick to it until I have one of those problems.

    -- Timothy Alan Taylor (beffy@adelphia.net), October 17, 2002.

    SUCKS! But I am a member of some four years standing. Why? because I have been travelling extensively both internationally and within the US and it has been the only provider to offer me dial up everywhere. I refuse to rely on public libraries and the like when on extended stays outside the USA. I am now in the detroit area and experienced slower speeds on AOL than I found in the third world, so I got a Comcast cable modem and use my AOL on it for email. I will say that until I came to Detoit my speeds all over the US were great, and I rarely lost a connection. I keep the AOL dial up for travelling. I am more than computer literate as I am a Network Administrator and an M.D., so let me tell you about AOL. I have yet to find a real tech at their tech support number. Their software is top heavy, slow, and inadequate. They are nothing more than an expensive spamming/popup/banner ad operation. They take advantage of newbies and cause them to have to unlearn a lot about the internet and computers later due to the misleading way they present the subjects. Their use of proprietary technologies prevent you from using good software like Outlook. I will continue to be a member, but an enlightened one. I only keep it for the access when I travel.

    -- FMC MD (FMC2R2B1@AOL.com), November 02, 2002.

    AOL makes it extremely difficult to discontinue the service. This practice is of anticonsumer nature. As a recent former subscriber I was suggested to call them to make sure I am not billed, because of some possible software glitch. But already told them to unplug me! Besides, the account people are available only during business hours on week days. I will talk to my banker about it. don't e-mail me

    -- fix (fixtsh02@aol.com, yolkipalki@hotmail.com), November 27, 2002.

    I have recently made a really cool Anti-AOL flyer... if you would like a copy please mail me! Sadly, some of my "friends" at school still think that it is good just because, they claim, it apparently works... bullshit! I use AOL before back in 1999 and it redueced the speed of my AMD K6-2 500Mhz with 64Mb SDRAM (quite fast at the time with Win98) to a snail's pace. And I only had two background programs running at the time - the Windows sound applet and Resource Meter. But then, if it runs so slowly on the average PC, how come millions of people are using it? Answer: because they are the fools who stick with it and fork out hundreds of dollars (or pounds in the UK) on upgrades. Chances are that AOL (sorry - I mean AOHell) still won't run very quickly, and so they upgrade again. By this time, however, because the sh*tbags have billed them for so much money (for using it for 20mins, of which 19mins are spent trying to reconnect and recieveing 20 tonnes of junk mail) the said user is now virtually bankrupt, and now has to live on the streets. Of course, me being a smart person I use BTopenworld (very relaible since March 2002 when they finally finished a huge network capacity expansion program) I have only had to contend with AOL for about a week. But for those who still use it - please get rid of it! And maybe one day the world will be completely rid of it :)

    Rob - A Computer Expert - well, no expert knows EVERYTHING now, do they? And nor do I - I just happen to know SOMETHING :D

    -- Rob Watts (rob_watts9000@btopenworld.com), November 28, 2002.

    aol does suck i dont understand how they get so much business..everything ALWAYS goes wrong wit their service and they have dumb ass representatives..hat is your answer

    -- mind ya own (slikhunni@aol.com), November 30, 2002.

    I've been used by AOL several times in the past. Why did I keep letting myself get used? Stupidity comes to mind first, lazy minded brain dead stupidity. Finally, I had enough of their crap and dumped them -- FOREVER. I'm now using a local ISP and have had no problems of any kind. I never get kicked off line, I don't get slammed with SPAM ads. AOL basically sucks the biggest dick in the Internet world. I have no idea how they keep making money and stay in business. And why the hell they keep sending out new versions. I get those crappy little tin boxes all the time. They must have enough money to throw away, because everyone seems to receive those stupid shit little tin boxes with a FREE disc and 1025 hours, to be used within 45 days of course. I will never go back to AOL. It's like being in AA. You just have to keep away. The tempt is there, but you just have to remember all the pain and crap they put you through.

    -- Ken Davis (kenchristydavis@yahoo.com), December 03, 2002.

    IT DOES! goto www.blueyonder.co.uk or www.pipex.com or www.suckmyballsaol.com or SCREW ALL YOU WINING BASTARDS AND GET OFF AOL PERHAPS!

    -- AOL SUCKS (bllah@hotmail.com), December 26, 2002.

    Let's be honest, if you want a software program that organizes your favorites, retrieves your mail from the server, detects your inital settings and installs upgrades (altough they have a few ulterior motives in that itself) and offers services like instant messaging and the like, then AOL is the way to go. I find that many users, and many of the postings here reference how much AOL sucks because they got a virus, or their downloads wont work propoerly, or their connection speeds are terrible and its all AOL's fault. I would suggest to these people to knock off AOL, uninstall the resource hogging program in its entirety and try their hand at configuring a dial-up connection with basic operating system components and then see how many problems they have. Slow dial up connections, glitchy O/S installs and virus propigation is not soley a result of AOL or any other ISP company for that matter- its largely due to inexperienced users who either arent skilled enough or not smart enough to manage thier machines properly.

    Want to know why AOL is doing so well? Because users like the ones here who blame all thier problems on AOL are the ones who hastily installed the fancy little software disk that came in the mail in anticpation of downloading pics off the latest porn site......they didnt take the time to educate themselves in a manner that will allow them to realize that getting a local ISP account and maybe using a small email program like outlook express is all you need to have a rewarding online experience. Half learn, reimage the machine and move on with a nice dial up or broadband service, the other half just make the same stupid mistakes and spend the better part of thier day wondering why thier machine wont respond......

    -- Jim (mvortex@yahoo.com), January 10, 2003.

    AOL is right now mainly used by people who do not know if there are other instant messengers like yahoo and super search engines like Google. The AOL Instant Messengers (AIM) is the worst ever instant messenger ever anyone on earth can make. Firstly it has a stupid design and looks grose; scondly its options setting are very bad and very confusing to those who are newly using the computers; thirdly they have the worst ever Emotions(Smiley) icons; forthly its slower than yahoo and msn messengers; fifthly it cannot send any offline instant messages like yahoo and doesnt have an invisible log on like yahoo. Over all I will vote for yahoo messnger as the best ever most futuristic messenger ever made. When compared to all the messenger ever made, even yahoo's old version-1 messenger is far better than the latest AOL messenger. Also AOL chat rooms are evil, All the chat rooms have pornography filled users and they just pop out dirty advertisements without any notice. This does not happen in yahoo and msn chatrooms as only decent people use them, even the indecent people become decent while using yahoo and msn messengers as they have a personality. The AOL email page is so untidily designed and it really sucks. Over all AOL sucks and its not free so it sucks even more.

    -- Aasim (amsalone@yahoo.com), January 31, 2003.

    YES it sucks like some say. It takes forever just to download the 8.0 version. You can't get th infromation that you want unless you have the 8.0 version. You would think that by now downloading would not take over two hours. My question is, is worth keeping AOL ? Maybe I should consider another service.

    -- Lynda Bess (besslab@aol.cm), April 01, 2003.

    ALL THE NEWBURTS KNOW ME I OWN AOL IF SOMEONE JACKED YOUR BILL UP ... WHO KNOwS..MAYBE IT WAS ME -- (before 98 ...96" ;] fucking newburts -spark

    -- FUCK AOL (TOSGENERAL@aol.com), April 25, 2003.



    -- Mark (arfaincus@aol.com), May 14, 2003.

    Fuck aol bullshit man the shit sucks.

    -- Kiilr ]-[ckr man (john doe@aol.com), June 04, 2003.

    unlike some of the anti-aol geeks here, i do regonize that the aol service does have some advantages. instant messages, buddy list, email that (usually) arrives instantly without having to check it like other accounts, chatrooms (the UK ones at least) are excellent, and you get a whole sense of "community" with aol that you do not get with other isps/osps. however - 99% of users in aol chat tend to be lying, self-centred, sad, obsessed, sympathy-seeking mugs who's only life seems to be what they plug in each day. also, the speed is appalling when compared to other providers. i recently switched from aol to freeserve (not great, i know) but download/upload speeds have roughly doubled on my 56k...wanna know why aol's so slow? because it contains too much graphic content...who wants to wait 5 minutes just for the tv guide to load? it's ftp features i might add, is very windows 3.1, and in need of an update. but above all, the one thing that gets me about aol, is how they treat their members (the only people that's keeping them alive) pop-up ads, TOD that forces updates wether you want them or not, dodgy billing, selling on their details, spyware, bad security, even worse tech support, members helpline that's run entirely by irish/scottish/indian people...AND, they are liars (won't go into details on this). aol is very easy to set-up, and run, so it serves as an excellent choice for new users to learn the ropes of the internet, then in a couple of months get a better provider - however i knew certain people on there who had been with aol for 5-7 years! bloody hell, they, like every other long term aol member, should wake up and smell the virtual roses that lie in other companys gardens.

    -- Mike (thesperminator2_spludgementday@yahoo.co.uk), June 14, 2003.

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