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Here's a reaction coming from Finland, from a friend of mine (he's 26, eduated, and working):

"Well, the movie "Titanic" has been seen by quite a lot of people but never really hit the top here in Finland. One reason is that people cannot really accept that Americans are making money on such a tragedy. People remember the night of Estonia here in Finland and many people died. The reality is far from the movie."

Do you have any other international reactions to "Titanic"?

-- Dan Draghici (, February 12, 1998


That is very interesting, Dan, since it's the first country I know of that has not gone bonkers over the film. Also interesting because the Swedish contributors to Mr. Showbiz seemed to love the movie (despite some of its "fake" Swedish accents). Relatively speaking, the Finns and Americans (and Canadians) have much in common culturally (was there several times), which makes it a further surprise. I'd be interested in hearing whether it ever does take off there in Finland. On my part, the movie has inspired me to learn about the tragedy in greater detail; I'm reading extensively about it and have watched numerous related documentaries. The ones who are making money on it took a major risk with the production, and I feel they're entitled to every penny it makes. Cameron has been extremely respectful to the memory of the perished. I wonder if the Finns realize this. I also feel society has benefited from seeing this, generally speaking. It's a tribute to those who perished and, in showing the class issues which previous Titanic films haven't done, is a plea for all of us, regardless of differences, to get along.

-- Bob Gregorio (, February 13, 1998.

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-- ariel chavez (, February 13, 1998.

I heard on Headline News today that Titanic is still #1 in Japan, Brazil, and SWEDEN, which is right next to Finland! The languages are completely different, but the cultures aren't. I wonder how well it has done over time in Finland.

-- BobG (, May 13, 1998.

titanic is a wonderful movie for it is so sweet and a true love exists between jack and rose. i really love it!

-- joemar andrescio (, October 07, 2003.

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